After Successfully completing A YWAM DTS

Students Learn the process and the responsibility of hearing from God for themselves but there are numerous opportunities available; they can either,

1- Join YWAM Staff - All successful DTS are qualify to be members of YWAM Staff anywhere around the globe. YWAM have over 18,000 full time staff that have all completed a DTS or equivalent. but not all that complete a DTS have become YWAM staff. It is important to seek advice from leaders and mature long term staff on How to make the transition to become staff as this will involve many details you may not alway see right away. 
We will love to have all our DTS graduate joins staff with us at YWAM Saint Lucia but this has to be God's Calling for them. You can commit to volunteer a few months to see first.

2- Join one of the YWAM Teams doing Evangelism and church planting around the World. there are numerous of them just ask and share  the impression God is placing on your hearth to leaders

3- Returning Home: All of our DTS students have the chance to experience being a YWAMer during their five to six months DTS. At the end of the DTS some know that YWAM is not the place for them at the moment, and that is great. Here also it is good to take on the suggestions we give on re-entry and input how to go home well:
You can Go back to study, During the DTS God can give you a better clarity and conviction on what to study next and the motivation you need to do so with passion enthusiasm and purpose... 
- Back to Work, and/or Serve within the Local Church. During the DTS God also give you a conviction and assurance of the type of Career you will be better fulfilled in, He will give you a renewed passion to pursue it not just to be like every one else but with Purpose. The DTS also equip you to better integrate and serve in your local church and not just be a passive Believer.

4- UofN - following a DTS a graduate can Apply to Join the many full time staff with any YWAM centre around the world for 2 to 3 years develop some sense of assurance for their specific ministry calling, and then next pursue a few related UofN training program 3 to 9 months or so. and them get involve deeper into ministry and multiplication and so on.


Do not hesitate to discuss your next steps with us we will gladly pray with you and assist you with the process no matter what it may be.  Our aim is to See you fulfill and be Who God made you to be.