Step1: Initiate your Summer Program Application Online

Once this initial registration form is complete, and submitted you will  receive an Email in the address provided with a Link to allow you to complete your main application form where you left it.

  • All sections must be completed before we can begin to process your application. Allow at least 48hours for application processing when all form are submitted.

Step 2: Check your email for the link to Complete your application process

A link was sent to the email provided in your initial application. the same link can be used to return to your application each time. Make sure the email containing the link was not forwarded to your Junk mails.

Ask the Referee indicated here to complete the references form that was email to them at the address provided

Step 3: Make sure

- The person you entered as referees have submitted a confidential reference form for you; they normally received an email link to complete the online confidential form for you (after you submit your application form), or that you handed them a hard copy; You can download and print a copy on this page

- That you signed and submitted the release of liability form

- look at your application check list  from the Email received initially to make sure all requested documents were submitted as requested.

We are excited to meet you!

We would love to walk you through the application process or answer any questions you might have!