1- Marcus Joseph

Marcus is a veteran Saint Lucian YWAMer who completed his DTS in Barbados, he resides with his family in the town of Soufriere, South West of the island. God has been leading him for the past few years into Adventure, Survival and Community Development Outreach.

2- Ruth & Steve Mitchel

Steve and Ruth

Steve and Ruth

Assisting part time with : Ruth and Steve are employed professionals that who have choose to dedicate some of their free time to assist us in various ways at this moment they help us with: 

- Book Keeping and accounting

- property acquisition and valorisation  project

pray that :

- they will be encourage in what they are doing

- that they will inspire many to volunteer some of their time and skill for Missions part time or short term. 

3- Other:

Some have show interest and you can also join us and commit to help in an area of your expertise some present area of need are:

- Web design - Graphic and Video Design - Communication - Translation ( French, English, Spanish etc...)