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Dear family and friends,

December greetings to you from “Sunny and Simply Beautiful” Saint Lucia!

You haven’t heard from us in some time but praise God we are still “fighting the good fight of faith!” despite the many challenges and opposition of this present day!

Family Update

Asaph is now in second grade and he absolutely loves Maths and Science and really excelling in both. In general he seem to be enjoying school a bit more than before. 

Guy and asaph.jpeg

Marylin has started taking a course in Early Childhood Education in an effort to better understand the children as our ministry among them is intensifying. Her days are quite full as she is trying hard to balance her involvement in the part time college course, family life,  volunteering at a preschool 3 days a week, and other YWAM  responsibilities.  His grace is enough and we thank Him for His hands upon our lives. 

Guy is doing a great job homeschooling Asaph along with many other responsibilities which he does almost single-handedly.

Ministry Update

Details about ministry involvement is developed in the ministry update click here

Praise Report

- We thank God for providing through friends to be able to pay monthly bills of the base.  He remains faithful!!!

- Thank God for sending short term volunteers our way to help for six months. We have a mature couple from the US - seasoned missionaries helping for a few months for now. 

- as I complete this update we are about to take off for one night for our 12th Wedding Anniversary…

Prayer Points

- more harmony and strength in our family unit

- pray for the health of Guy’s father who constantly needs some kind of medication at the moment.

- pray for more persons that will see the need to invest in us and the ministry

- pray for the couple that is with us short term that they will settle in nicely, see how their calling will fit in the vision of YWAM Saint Lucia

- pray for long term DTS staff and staff in general

- students for the next part time program planned for mid January 2019

We take this opportunity to thank you for standing with us in 2018 and wish you and your family a Christ Centered Christmas!  May the Christ of Christmas continue to be your hope and safe refuge!

The Fotso in April

Dear friends,
We are grateful for all of you, faithful ones with whom the Almighty has been partnering to keep us going not only the past few month but for years now. Through your obedience to His suggestion to invest in us, emotionally, spiritually  and financially. Thanks for your faithful support.

The Family

We continue to be thankful to God for His faithfulness to us with health; Asaph spent a few days in the hospital in February for an unidentified sharp stomach pain; but thanks to God everything is now back to normal. He will be completing his grade one homeschooling in a month or so, although for some subjects he seam in advance. Homeschooling is proving to be more challenging for us with ministry than expected, requiring more discipline and rigor. 
Thanks be to God there are a few friends that are chipping in from time to time to help. It is the case with Margaret (a retired teacher),  Denise (a part time volunteer) and other volunteers that come by.  There have been some  lack of consistency in his swimming class due to some allergy to Chlorine. We are blessed for being able to sow the good seed in the foundation of his life. 


A Kids Club Gathering

A Kids Club Gathering

Kids Club's volunteers planing

Kids Club's volunteers planing

kids Clubs : Our YWAM Base kids club that started last Summer continues to develop. They meet every Saturday thanks to the commitment of our volunteers both short term, full time and part time. We  presently have about 20 children ages 4 to 15 attending the program weekly. They just completed the Samaritan's Purse curriculum with certificates for most and started a new curriculum. There are a few challenges though, we need more committed volunteers to assure continuity since many are part time. Also we need assistance in picking up the children every week since the base vehicle is too small to pick up all of them (renting a larger bus also  require extra funds). The kids are coming from at least 3 communities at the moment, We will love to add in the kids from Bois Patat Community that we worked with in the past years and we know they will love to join but we are confronted with the transportation logistics for now. we greatly value a donation of puppets made by Elizabeth church and the training that follow by Laurna

Street people: We assist the Salvation army once a week (usually on Fridays) with the soup kitchen, distributing food to the street people and sometimes interacting with them... it has been a blessing over the years to know that we can share God's love with people in that way too.  Since we started in 2012 assisting with "Changing lives" A ministry  presently closed started by Mrs Orie a Business woman in Castries. 


Joan, Marylin, Asaph, Shawn, Marlyse, Laurna, and Edrysha after a Prayer station n Castries

Joan, Marylin, Asaph, Shawn, Marlyse, Laurna, and Edrysha after a Prayer station n Castries

The Prayer Station: Every Friday afternoon as well we pay a listening ear to those in need of prayer at the Square in Castries, presenting them before the throne of God and through them pray for the families and the Nation's homes. This ministry is powerful and we are always in need of local volunteers at least 5 to be able to hold one. it is always encouraging to have someone whom we prayed for the week before come by and testify how their situation have improve since we prayed. The felt needs are open doors to real needs.

School: Our Volunteers were given the opportunity to assist various religious group in their weekly activity time a the Vide Bouteille Secondary School in Castries at numerous occasions. Opportunities that allow  us to sow the good seed in young hearts. Pray for more opportunities and inspired strategy to make greater impact.

A view during a School session

A view during a School session

Care Protection Kids doing Art with some of our volunteers

Care Protection Kids doing Art with some of our volunteers

The Juvenile Detention Centre: we visit the centre weekly to build relationships with these young boys in need of mentors. We don't only interact with those in detention but also with those younger that are on care protection (Often because of abused and/or neglect). This last group also joins us from time to time at our weekly kids club, as this gives them the time to enjoy an outing with other kids. Here also we face challenges mainly due to limited numbers of especially male committed  volunteers and transportation at times.

Mobilization and Fundraising: Visiting Local churches to teach, promote ministry opportunities and recruit volunteers is a continuous part of our ministry as well as fundraising to con-front the constraints of the ministry: pray for more committed partners in this area as well.


Group Photo after attending a Mission retreat With A PAWI Church

Group Photo after attending a Mission retreat With A PAWI Church

Part Time Discipleship

A speaker Interacts virtually with MDTS Students

A speaker Interacts virtually with MDTS Students

Our MDTS1 2018 class pose before a Session

Our MDTS1 2018 class pose before a Session

Started last year we launched a Part Time Discipleship Training School geared at reaching out to the many busy local professionals who are often unable to attend a regular DTS. This year we had to reduce the cost of the program and we have 9 (Jessica, Sacha, Isa, Isaiah, Mario, Keisha, Philomene, Annmarie and Sheski) one of whom is repeating. So far from their testimony, teachings are touching their lives. As part of their outreach, students are also encouraged to volunteer part time with our various on going ministries. 

While limited full time staff slowdown the development of  existing ministry, it is helping us explore the unbelievable yet un-tap potential. that true discipleship could offer to extension of the Kingdom of God. 

Please pray for the continuous move of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the students and that they will all complete the course and be impacted for life. 

The Worship Festival

Celebrating at the Worship Fest at YWAM Base

Celebrating at the Worship Fest at YWAM Base

On February 24th we held a great time of celebration on the YWAM base premises on the theme  breakthrough. The initiative was a success thanks to the contribution and participation of great friends and partners here. If the secondary goal of the initiative was fundraising, the primary one was celebration for the King of King. We thank God for everyone who took part and contributed and for the spiritual shift that took place.


Volunteers and Staff

South Eastern University Missions Team

South Eastern University Missions Team

For the Moment we (Marylin & Guy) are the only full time long term volunteers at the YWAM Saint Lucia base. As you may know we have and continue to welcome a number of volunteers short term and part time, without whom it would be really difficult to accomplish any ministry. The Part Time volunteers assisted us  in areas ranging from Accounting, Fund Raising, Visitation, Kids Club, Prayer Station and more are:

Some of the Part Time Included : Ruth & Steve, Shona, Marlena, Jacquie, Anne Marie, Denise Ng, Joan, Margaret, Melody, Verna, Prince, Manessa & Isaiah, Melissa,  Ps Rolando, Stacy G., Stacy JnL., Stacy I., Ben and Sacha. We also had Marlyse Sambou a Cameroonian friend stop by to help for some time. 

Vic Doris and Shawn helping with Soup-kitchen with the Salvation Army in Castries

Vic Doris and Shawn helping with Soup-kitchen with the Salvation Army in Castries

Library YWAMSL

- Shawn : Just completed his six month short term volunteer commitment with us in March, six month during which he assisted in various ones of the ministry mentioned earlier and was of great help to the kids club
- Edrysha: has now move on after being here living at the YWAM base for over a year, she was helping part time while looking for a job, and serving with ISCCF. We pray God's blessings on the direction of her life as she indicate that she remain available to help whenever possible.

- Vic and Doris Helton : a retired couple of Mission builders who came for 1 month in January and served us in various ways including building our small library, making many small repairs and helping with Asaph school.
- Elizabeth: an old "Pura vida" friend from Illinois served us for two week as well in February

YWAM Caribbean Leader's Gathering

At the moment I am completing this update we are preparing to take part in the next Caribbean Leader Gathering with the grace of God. We  are grateful for the outpouring of supports encouraging us to go.   Thanks for your prayers as we hope and look forward to have a constructive time with the other leaders and as a family. we are looking forward to use the opportunity of this trip to visit some family and friends in the Tampa area and in Illinois praying to hopefully expend our network.


Thank you so much for your support ! We are so Grateful for your partnership ...

Coming Up

Our 2018 Summer Mission adventure will take place this year in St Lucia and Guadeloupe from July 27th to August 12th  please join us in prayers for participants and facilitators and God Spirit to work in lives


Guy & Marylin January 2018 Update

Dear friends,
Thanks for faithfully supporting us in one way or another through out the past year. We give praise to God for you in 2017 and we welcome 2018 with great hope in  Him who is able to do infinitely more than we could ever ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us. 


We are thankful to God who made it possible for us to spend two refreshing weeks in Guadeloupe in November. Our gratitude also goes out to friends that were sensitive to the Holy Spirit to make this possible.

Kids from our kids club got gifts donated by Operation Christmas Child, of Samaritan's Purse

Kids from our kids club got gifts donated by Operation Christmas Child, of Samaritan's Purse

It will soon be one year since we moved to this new base location, 2017 have proven to be one of the toughest years so far since we started Pionearing in Saint Lucia. With this we are also sensing that God may be directing us into a new season of life as a family and ministry, we  remain in prayer for details. 
Asaph continues to be home schooled by Marylin, Guy chipping in from time to time.  As he quickly prepares to turn 7 in May, he is doing remarkably well for his grade 1 so far.


The 10 to 15 kids attending the kids club every Saturday from 2 to 4pm  continue to enjoy it as the volunteers work with them to establish biblical foundations of true worship and life for the glory of God. They enjoyed helping make cookies with the staff and even went along to distribute it to the Police Station and Fire Station for our annual Christmas Cookies Treat. The kids enjoy the large lawn at the base, and make good use of it

Kids help prepare cookies

Kids help prepare cookies


Kids Share Christmas cookies at the Firestation

Kids Share Christmas cookies at the Firestation

Every year since we started the ministry in Saint Lucia, during the Christmas season, we bake cookies to distribute to the community helpers like the police men and firemen and others to remind them the sense of Christmas. This year was a little special with the participation of our kids club. To add more taste to Christmas this year one of the volunteers who was already there last year, Edrysha suggested the idea of Christmas Caroling and organized a group of five volunteers to sing Christmas Carols at the Rodney Bay Mall. We appreciated the potential of such ministry if developed.

Logos Hope visited Saint Lucia

The Logos did not only bless us with some books for our base library but some missionaries from the boat that visited  our base were able to serve with us in practical ways including hands on maintenance work.

The Logos did not only bless us with some books for our base library but some missionaries from the boat that visited  our base were able to serve with us in practical ways including hands on maintenance work.

The Advance team came a few month earlier to prepare for the arrival of the OM ship. YWAM Saint Lucia was honored to house the team of three during their stay on the Island to prepare the arrival of the Operation Mobilization (OM) book ship.

logos hope.jpg
YWAM Saint Lucia was honored to house for a few months  the Logos Hope advance team (Brandon, Paula and David) picture here with the Governor General of Saint Lucia H.E. Paulette Louisy and Pastor, Rev Griffith (in front line) 

YWAM Saint Lucia was honored to house for a few months  the Logos Hope advance team (Brandon, Paula and David) picture here with the Governor General of Saint Lucia H.E. Paulette Louisy and Pastor, Rev Griffith (in front line) 

Mission With The Local Church

Kids Christmas Treat in Canneries Primary School

Kids Christmas Treat in Canneries Primary School


PAWI is one of the important evangelical denomination in Saint Lucia. Marylin has been giving leadership to PAWI Saint Lucia Missions on the Island since we started, this adds to some of our Responsibilities. Every year to close it's mission activities PAWI Saint Lucia Missions  organise a Children Christmas treat in the village of Canaries. This year the kids from the Canaries primary and infant schools received each a gift distributed by PAWI Saint Lucia Missions department with the cooperation of  Operation Christmas Child (Samaritan purse) and CEF.


Shawn sharing  at a School

Shawn sharing  at a School

One of our Short term staff Shawn who has been with us  for 3 months now brought the idea of a Youth Retreat that seem to be a perfect fit of our vision for the development of youth leaders in this context. Despite the fact that we have not had much response yet for the initial promotion, we continue to pray and believe that some of the key teachings planned for the retreat like the Biblical Peace Making series that deals with Conflict Resolution are well needed in the nation and we are considering integrating it in our part time DTS. We are recruiting students for the second MDTS1.  Pray that we will get more students for those part time training as we continue to serve the body of Christ and make ourselves available to be a blessing to the Nation.


Kids Play on the lawn at the YWAM base

Kids Play on the lawn at the YWAM base

We are still struggling to pay the monthly rent for the actual base despite it’s strategic location and the potential it offers. We are praying to go into a venture to recruit more partners so that the preoccupation for rent doesn’t take more place than the focus in developing the ministry He called us to do.

Pray for 100 more partners willing to commit support and follow through consistently to alleviate the existing burden. 


The upcoming Regional Leadership Meeting to be held in Orlando in May 2018 appears to be a crucial one in terms of strategy in the Caribbean Region. Please join us in prayer for all the resources to come in for us to be able to attend this conference as a family. We are trusting God to provide an estimate of US$ 3500 to cover airfare and conference fees for the family to attend.

October 2017 Updates

A summer like no other

Summer Mission Adventure 2017

Dear friends

 if you are receiving this update for the second time please let us know to help us update our contact list.
This year we had our 6th Annual summer program at YWAM Saint Lucia. From the 30th of July to the 13th of August we hosted more than 20 participants and leaders from 5 different countries. The participants were in large majority between 13 and 21 years old, some were accompanied by team leaders while others came on their own. 


Like each year the program integrated basic discipleship teaching such as The Father Heart of God, Quiet Time, Relationships, Identity, etc...  Recreational Activities, Beach, Island Tour, etc.. and Missions: Compassion and Evangelism.

they enjoy it.jpg

Art and Craft was also well integrated thanks to the contribution of some local volunteer Artists. Participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents during a talent show evening. 

class 2017.jpg


It was obvious that the program  impacted many of the young people’s life. Most of them admitted that they grew closer to God and made new friends during these two weeks. Realizing that there was a reason God wanted them to be part of this program. 

Thanks to the new rented base location

We were able to host all of the participants at the base for these two weeks. A few more adventurous ones spent the two weeks sleeping in a tent on the base’s lawn.

base yard.jpg

Praises & Prayer Points

We Praise God for the many local volunteers and Sephora that showed up to help and encourage besides the MDTS students. It is always great to know that we are not left alone.

Upcoming UofN Conference in Costa Rica:

After a busy and challenging season, we are praying and trying to refocus; renew our strength and rest.  One of the ways for us to do this could be a change of environment. by attending the conference for example...
The last UofN workshop we attended was in 2013 in Mexico where we got  inspired to start the Part Time DTS (MDTS) that we are running now. The next UofN workshop will be held in Costa Rica from September 4 - 10. Last time He provided miraculously for the family to be able to attend,  We believe in the same God.  He can do it again, please stand with us  in prayer for a miracle... Here is a breakdown of some of the cost involved:
Registration for family: US$415,
Airfare:  US$1000 x 3 = US$3000,
Accommodation: Approx. US$600
Total needed = US$ 4000

Mission & Discipleship course (MDTS):

The 1st level of the Part Time DTS is closing up, please pray for God's deeper work in the lives of all participants. Direction and commitment for the outreach.

Children's Ministry

Marylin recently initiated a Kids Club at the base on Saturdays, please pray for Gods direction and favor in the lives of the children and those working with them.


We continue to trust God month after month for provision for the rent of the house serving as base presently.
Pray that some of the thoughts that came up to help develop fundraising will progress.

We thank God for Sephora one of our past DTS students and other Local volunteers such as Jackie, who have been here helping in various ways for the past few weeks. We would have had serious difficulties without their services.
We continue to pray for more volunteers and staff to answer the call and show up to help.  

The Fotso’s Update June 2017

Ftso family YWAMSL.jpg

Dear Amigos greetings in the Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus. thanks for taking the time to read our update;

The ywam base

A view of the Base with the Van

A view of the Base with the Van

This year 2017 is holding on to it’s promise to be that of new challenges for us, challenges through which we are learning to appreciate God's faithfulness to a new dimension.

So far we have been able to pay our monthly rent since February for the new base without too much delay. We are grateful for those of you who have been praying or supporting us in one way or the other.  We hope to be able to pay June’s rent before the end of the month!

MDTS1 Class Session

MDTS1 Class Session

Nicole and Keegan our two staff so far are planning to leave the base by July this year as they plan their marriage for September. For the moment they  have no plans of returning as staff soon. At this moment Keegan is spending the rest of his time with us as part time live-in, working most of the day in a delivery company and helping when he can. We are thankful for their contribution in this ministry to this point and pray God’s blessings on the family they will be forming soon.

Helping Soup Kitchen with the Salvation Army

Helping Soup Kitchen with the Salvation Army

This will leave us with just short term volunteers around.

Edrysha, a part time live-in volunteer is still here at the base with us and is taking classes at college and serving with The Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCCF).  Pray for God’s provision as she faces some financial chalenges.

Prayer Station in Castries YWAM SL

Prayer Station in Castries YWAM SL

Our Part-time Mission and Discipleship Program level one (MDTS1) designed for busy workers started in April with 5 students, so far 4 are holding on and making significant progress. Some of the classes are done via live streaming. We are preparing our Summer mission adventure this year in partnership with YWAM Guadeloupe.

As we go through this season we are praying and trying our best to learn what God wants to teach us, but also considering various options going forward. 

Among other ideas we are considering the necessity of expanding the leadership team thereby relieve some of the pressure of  just our family being under fire when the battle intensifies.

Praise God:

- for His faithful provision so far for the base rent and expenses

- for persons that are standing with us in a challenging time as this

- for the short term volunteer that are coming to assist us this summer

Pray for:

- For our Summer Mission Adventure 2017, that all participants expected will be impacted

- For long term mature staff that are willing to invest in developing the ministry of YWAM Saint Lucia

- God’s continual provision for the rent

- Provision to service and repair the YWAM Van

Fotso family YWAMSL

Fotso family YWAMSL

The Family

We are thankful for the Marriage tune up Seminar led by Dave and Nancy earlier this year here in Saint Lucia; the seminar equipped us and many other couples on the Island with well needed tools for couples in a time of crises.

Asaph turned 6 in May and is preparing to start grade one this summer. He ask a lot of challenging questions and wants to know the why of everything. The home school experience is helping develop our patience muscles

Praise God

- that He is taking care of us in the middle of all

- for what he is helping us to learn through every challenge

Pray with us:

- For deeper intimacy between us and with God

- For Intercessors to join our support team 

- That challenges and battles will make us stronger and more effective

- That we will learn all what God want us to learn in this season

Mariage in A Mission 2017

mariage seminar 2017.jpg

Dear Friends

we are thankful to God who has seen us through these past intense months: a lot has happened and this update is actually long due.


Main house at the base

Main house at the base

Moving to the new base, preparing for the DTS and then having to suspend our DTS due to a number of problems ranging from some of the students accepted not being able to come, to the struggle of some in the 2nd week leaving us having to refer some students to YWAM Grenada to continue with their school. 

Men play after the marriage seminar at THE YWAM Base

Men play after the marriage seminar at THE YWAM Base

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have been praying for us during this challenging time, we really need it. We had to pay the student’s airfare to Grenada and refund them most of their fees. Despite all the logistics already engaged, in preparing the new house to welcome the students, we be believe God really stretched our faith and He continues to do so, but, as in the past we trust Him to see us through.

Marylin share at a Mission Training retreat 

Marylin share at a Mission Training retreat 

We thank God for our Board Chairman David Harper and his wife Nancy who came as planned in a time like this, even though he could not share at the DTS. The Marriage Tune-up Seminar that was planned with him was organized and we saw the participation of 10 couples from around the Island. It was a powerful time of healing and restoration for us as a family and many of the couples present. The banner pic shows the couples that attended the second level training for marriages coaching.


For the past few years we were able to put together a curriculum including the contents of the DTS to bless the busy workers unable to take a full time DTS. In the context of Saint Lucia we have been sensing this as one of the effective ways to reach out to the nation. We are hoping to start the program soon. Please pray with us for the word to go out and for the  students. in the photo above Marylin is sharing at a missions retreat in Castries.


We just welcomed two young people on the base Alicer and Edrysha as part time live in volunteers who will be getting involved in our campus life and ministry when their time table allows them to. Alicer did the DTS with us in 2013 and Edrysha did her DTS in Grenada two years ago.

Pray with us that this new experience with part time live-in volunteers will be a positive one and will allow us to develop a strong ‘Apostolic

Discipleship Community’ as we have always dreamed of, where many young people who come alongside our various ministries will grow in 

their relationship with God while impacting various spheres of their profession and experiencing a family life atmosphere for those that didn’t grow up in one.


- We thank God who allow us to be able to move to this new base with a separate apartment for us as a family.

- God has kept us without too much bruises despite all the challenges of the past months  (we had to cancel our 2017 DTS that started on January 24th on the second week due to the facts mention above).

- Praise God for the Marriage Tune-Up and Mentoring Workshop that Dave and Nancy Harper held at our base: it has been a source of refreshment not just for our marriage but also for many other couples that attended.

- This week we welcomed a young man Maverick (20) who just completed his DTS in Townsville, Australia and God sent him to Saint Lucia to invest in the youth. 


- that our 2017 DTS students who left will be able to make it where they are. and those that could not come for God’s timing to be perfect in their life.

Pray for the Jackson family that wanted to be part of this 2017 DTS but could not make it; that God will continue to bless guide them and in His timing. Despite the fact they didn’t come they were a blessing to our base.

- for God to encourage Keegan our young staff as it was the 1st DTS he try to staff and it did not go through, that he will not be discouraged. 

- for God to continue to show us His faithfulness in providing finances to pay the rent.

- for our part-time program that we are planning to launch soon: interest and registration 

- for the impact of the marriage mentoring workshop to last and that a network of marriage mentors will be established on the Island to help the many marriages in difficulty

- Pray that Maverick  will be able to integrate perfectly and God will use him powerfully for His Glory for the time in this nation.

- for more long term staff

Christmas In A Mission 2016

Dear Friend and family may your 2016 Christmas be centered on Jesus!

we are grateful for your prayers and support throughout 2016 

The YWAM Base

New YWAM Base a Reduit Beach Avenue

New YWAM Base a Reduit Beach Avenue

We are full of hope as we approach this Christmas; 

After much back and forth and the many challenges in finding a house for YWAM Saint Lucia we have finally gotten a house with 4 bedrooms convertible into 5 bedrooms with a self contained 2 bedroom apartment close to the Reduit Beach in Gros Islet.  We praise God for the flexibility the property can give us in planning YWAM activities for the upcoming years. This comes with some challenges that we trust God to help us tackle.  The rent will cost us EC$1600 (US$600) more than at the old location per month.
We sense God’s challenge is for us to grow; please join us with whatever God places on your heart on a monthly basis, do not neglect the little you can do to make a difference.



After our busy summer Keegan and Merlisha spent the month visiting various churches to promote the January DTS, and also on a weekly basis assisted at the homeless shelter in Castries. 
Early this month the Korean Team led by Rev Jay Yoon from YWAM BC visited and held numerous prayer station in and around Castries City.  As usual it was such a blessing to have them around and eating Kimshee with them. We are praying for more local volunteers to keep the prayer station weekly.
DTS 2017:
Our “Life Revolution” Bible focus DTS is planned for January 22nd, we have 5 students accepted, two of whom are a family who will be coming with their 3 children. Please pray for them as they raise the funds to take this adventure with God and do not hesitate to invest in them if God prompts you to do so - let us know!
Every year under the direction of Marylin we have made cookies and cakes to bless some of our YWAM friends, supporters, the Police and Firemen in our town this Christmas season.
We have been preparing a Part Time course to reach out to the numerous locals that find it difficult to attend a regular DTS; the course is entitled Missions and Discipleship 1 and 2 and will be registered for credits at the UofN (University of the Nations) and covers 6 to 7 hours per week and each of the two sections lasting 6 months. 
The course will be grounded on the DTS content with some extra on missions and flexible outreaches when participants take their vacation.  Please pray that we will be able to launch this program by February2017

Christmas Cookies at the fire station

Christmas Cookies at the fire station





Full Time Staff at YWAM SL

Full Time Staff at YWAM SL

Merlisha completed her 2 year commitment with YWAM Saint Lucia and has now left for other exiting steps in her calling. We thank God for her service with us throughout the 2 years.
Nicole: is attending the Bible Core Course (BCC) in San Jose, Costa Rica and will be away until March 2017.  Thanks for continuing to pray for her.
Keegan our newest staff who came in this year after his DTS in St Vincent will be staffing the January DTS with Guy and Marylin. We are trusting God for his wisdom and direction.
Guy Marylin and Asaph thank you for your continual encouragement and support.


Praise God: 
- for allowing us to get this new house that will give us for sure more flexibility for ministry for the next 5 years; also for the owner for giving him the peace to entrust his house to us.
- Praise God for the 5 Students accepted for the upcoming “Life Revolution” DTS  and any other who may show up last minute. (Two of the students is a couple with their 3 home schooled children) and there are 3 single ladies.
- for the house at La Retraite Road and the Landlord who have accommodated us for the past 5 years or so, that God will continue to show them his Love

PRAY for:
- The next DTS in January.  God has been giving us the peace to trust in Him and not in our own strength; pray that the preparation of the DTS planned to start on January 22nd, 2017 will be directed by God
- pray for the speakers' availability.
- pray for the staff that we (Guy, Keegan, Marylin) will be ready and strengthen by God for the DTS and the other ministry we are planning.
- Pray for provision of the extra EC$1600 (US$600) monthly to complement the rent of the new base.
- we need teams and mission builders to help us make some repairs and adjustments at the new base, pray that God will send them our way

November 2016 Update

Dear Friends

We Praise the Lord for you who have been praying or standing with us financially allowing us to serve here in Saint Lucia

Family Update

Home Shool Boy

Home Shool Boy

Back to school, for Asaph and home school teacher Marylin, the daily routine has recommenced.

With the summer gone we had a bit of a break and kind of slowdown of ministry activities in October allowing us to refocus a little as a family.

We understand that we need some space for the family both literal home space and also for more connection for marylin and I, to give more vitality to our marriage (celebrating 10 years  in December).

Thanks again for all of you who have stood with us all these years and continue to do so. 

At the moment we have come to some peace about getting an apartment extending out of the base. Until a few days ago we were ok about taking the neighbor's house which is up for rent, but we just found out that the neighbor rented it already, We told him we wanted it from January and were yet to pay the deposit.

We are now considering moving out of the present base all together since  this has been a long overdue move. Please pray with us for the right location.

DTS 2017: planing and promotion

The two staff left at the base with us (Keegan and Merlisha) have been going around promoting the next DTS but also helping once a week at the Homeless Shelter, although the challenge for staffing the next DTS remains, with Nicole away in Costa Rica and Merlisha's term ending in December.  We have been feeling the necessity to trust in God and not in our own strength and go ahead with the next Bible focus DTS in January with the theme:  "Life Revolution”

Creole Meal at YWAMSL

Creole Meal at YWAMSL


Praise God: 

- who has kept us in good health and taking us through 

- for the 4 DTS students that are now accepted and those who are still in process for the January DTS.  So far (two of the potential students is a couple with their 3 home school children)

PRAY for:

- the next DTS in January.  God has been giving us the peace to trust in Him and not in our own strength; pray that the preparation of the DTS planned to start on January 22nd, 2017 will be directed by God

- pray for the speakers' availability.

- pray for possible why not, a last minute extra staff. So far it is Guy, Marylin (part time because of home schooling Asaph) and Keegan

- Pray for housing for our family and the base. With another family coming for the DTS we have to take action. we will need an extra EC$1500 (US$550) monthly rent either for us or the base if we were to take the neighbor's house.  It is a leap of faith that we sense God leading us to make at this moment.  We are also actively looking for another location all-together for the base given the constant threat from our current landlord. We need favor to find the right location and favor and wisdom to negotiate.

- pray for speakers availability

Thanks for continuing to stand with us our family and with YWAM Saint Lucia. 

1 chro 4:10 oh Lord enlarge our boundaries !

Dear Friends
We pray God’s blessings on you and your family as you read this update and partner with us in missions

Family Update

Marylin, took a break this summer with Asaph Home schooling and will be resuming in September.  Asaph with his overwhelming level of energy can be very active and difficult to catch up with physically. We are considering registering him into a swimming or other sports club.

We praise God as Marylin was able to attend the YWAM staff conference in the DR after the impact Intensive training  in Kansas city thanks for your support.

We are grateful for all of you for your continual support and prayer for us as a family which has kept us strong and fruitful. It is now 5 years since we've been living at the YWAM base sharing literally everything from the chairs and beds we started the base with to a considerable amount of our family space and time. We don’t really regret anything as we have seen God touch and transform lives in this place. Despite being mis-understood sometimes, despite all the chalenges still ahead of the base, we sense that it is about time for us to either get a completely separate apartment for our family either  within a larger base or nearby. Please pray for provision and more committed partners for us to make this possible as soon as possible.

The neighbor at the present base has offered to rent us his house at a reasonable deal. This can be perfect if we don’t have another long term option right away and if we react fast enough to accept the offer. It will be great as an extension for the base where we could house some guests  and our family. 

Please pray and consider standing with us in this new venture to extend our boundaries as we need to get back to him ASAP. 

Successful DTS 2016

After their outreach in the Dominican Republic, the 2016 DTS came back to Saint Lucia for a week re-entry and debrief that lead to the graduation on June 17th. It was great to see how God used all the challenges encountered to build and edify the students and take them into another step in their relationship with Him.

DTS graduation

DTS graduation

One of the busy summer activity in Mauchy

One of the busy summer activity in Mauchy

One of the Busiest Summers We've Ever Had...

Teams :

We gave a week break to the DTS staff just enough to catch their breath before engaging the numerous teams that came our way this summer: 24 from Kansas City DTS, 14 from the KC Messenger School (photo below), and 18 from Cornerstone Ministries, Trinidad. Yes you are right if you add the volunteers that is well about 60 people that we have total care of between June 28th and August 2nd 2016.

Organizing housing, food, and ministry with only a 5 bedroom house as base for our 3 staffs and our family of 3 you can see the challenges. We had to rent a secondary house and even get assistance from a guest house at the last minute thanks to friends who managed everything.

messenger from KC

messenger from KC

Things went on ok despite the multiple challenges coordinating everything, each staff member had one team to follow up and we coordinated the work taking the food around and making sure the difficulties didn’t get out of control.

The Ministries included: Working in the community of Monchy where evangelism and a football tournament was organized with the CWC, Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Kids with Christ is the Anwser Church in Soufriere, Prayer Station, Homeless and Elderly Home Ministry. 

Some of the teams also worked with the Juvenile Detention Centre.


Ann Sophie(18): after spending two months serving with us in various ministries returned to Canada. We thank God for her service in blessing the Nation of Saint Lucia and the YWAM base and pray that God blesses her in her studies back home.

Karyn(22): an internationally ranked swimmer came all the way from Canada for the Summer Program and was a great blessing to the whole team. Some of the Islanders can now float on water (ah ah) thanks for coming to share the adventure with God and the young people here, looking forward to work together in the near future.

Summer Mission Adventure

Praise God for this year's Summer Program that took place as planned from July 31st to August 13th literally overlapping with the last summer team. As usual participants (6 this year)  got foundational teaching in Discipleship, Testimony, Identity and Missions. They also joined our 3 staff to do Evangelism and Mercy Ministry.

During the feedback it was great to see and hear how each of them grew in their personal relationship with God.

Impact World Tour

Saint Lucia is preparing to receive an Impact World Tour next year or later; preparations have been going on with a local steering committee that is networking for prayer and preparing discipleship groups. Please join us to pray for breakthroughs in the organizing of this campaign in Saint Lucia.

Need for Housing

Before everything we want to thank God for providing housing for all the teams we had this Summer this was not easy but with His grace He saw us through with the assistance of some friends. With the Summer Program we accommodated well over 60 people, Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia. At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available. It is sad to see all the funds that we have invested over the years in renting that could have gone towards securing a permanent property for the base.

- Pray that we will be able to setup a proposal and get people to come on board to help us secure a permanent property.

- pray for another staff for the next DTS 2017 as one of the staff is leaving for training


After starting their outreach in Saint Lucia doing ministry with the kids in the community of Bois patat (Discipleship program for children) but also serving the street people of Castries, the DTS 2016 crew made up of 5 students and two staff, flew to the Dominican Republic where they spent the first week at the YWAM Caribbean Staff Conference, helping to take care of the missionary kids. The second week was spent in a rural community Elias Piña where God used them powerfully to impact the lives of many children and the whole community with over 30 making a step to now let Jesus lead their lives.

The students are now back in the capital city - Santa Domingo where they will continue the ministry until June 8th. They continue to need your prayers especially for the health situation as life in the village was not always easy with mosquitos, dust and more. Pray especially for Denielle and Taylor who was not too well.

WhatsApp-Image-20160523 (11).jpeg


1- Evodie (21) : A French volunteer from Strasbourgwho served with us for 3 months returned this week; after a great contribution to our ministry on the Island. Pray for her future in missions that God will lead her steps.
2- We just welcomed a young volunteer, Anne-Sophie (18), from Quebec, who will be here for 3 months as well. She is going through a personalized discipleship program while serving along with us;  pray that she will adjust to the environment and mature in her walk with the Lord during her time with us (Keegan, Marylin, Guy and Asaph) 
3- Keegan; is a young Saint Lucian (27) who did his DTS last year in St Vincent and the Grenadines;  as you may know he decided to join our staff as volunteer for the upcoming 2 years or so. For now  keegan's  responsibilities at the base are maintenance and he is being trained to take responsibility on the evangelism team. Pray for a smooth integration of keegan in the team and that the weekly coaching sessions with Guy will be effective and yield results to see him take greater responsibility and grow in maturity.


While the DTS is away we (Guy and the four above ) continued to serve the street people in collaboration with other ministries but also we visit the Juvenile Detention Center for boys on a regular basis. Guy also has one on one personalized discipleship sessions with volunteers and we are planing to continue the Prayer Station ministry every Friday with the help of local churches and volunteers when available. Pray for more commited volunteers

We are also busy seeking appropriate accommodation and setting up ministry for the teams visiting this Summer. Pray that we will be able to find proper accommodation this Summer with teams totaling over 60 people coming to minister and we are yet to secure appropriate housing for all.  Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia.  At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available.
- pray for ministry opportunities that will impact lives long term this Summer


This year's program is planned from July 31st to August 13th.  The Summer Program is two dynamic weeks to help young people not only serve but also have a fun vacation. It integrates basic discipleship teachings, missions outreach and fun outings around the Island.  The past 4 years has been a great success with participants from all over the Caribbean, North America and Europe.
Pray for
- interested persons to complete the online application
- for appropriate accommodation and opportunities to serve.

Impact Intensive Training

Marylin finally made it to Kansas city alone for 3 weeks training instead. So Asaph is in Saint Lucia with Guy as the DTS wraps-up the lecture phase and start the Outreach.

Marylin in Kansas City for the Impact Intensive training

Marylin in Kansas City for the Impact Intensive training

The Impact Intensive has been phenomenal so far ! We have received teachings from Mark Anderson, the founder and international director of YWAM Campaigns and Call2All, and various speakers from the International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC). The teachings are really revolutionizing our view of evangelism and discipling the next generation, and have helped to ignite more of a burning fire in our hearts for children and youth. We are also having the opportunity to visit the Global Prayer Room at IHOPKC. The experience has been invaluable.  Thanks to all of you friends and family who have made it possible for me to be here at this time!

After Kansas City Marylin will continue to the Dominican Republic to attend the YWAM Caribbean Staff conference and meet the DTS students on her way back.

The passing away of Marylin's sister

Most of the week preceding Marylin's travel to Kansas City Marylin had been praying and crying for her older sister Zita who was diagnosed with  terminal cancer about 8 years ago and was going through difficult times. Two days before leaving Marylin visited Zita at the hospital not knowing it would have been her last visit. While Marylin was still in the air on her way to the USA I (Guy) received the sad news that Zita had passed.

The good thing is that Zita had committed her life to Jesus a few years earlier and her last wish was to see everyone in her family do the same. We know she is in a better place.

Pray for strength and comfort for the family, her mother, siblings and especially for her two children Mc Garvin and Pauline

Discipleship Training School:

Our 5 students and 2 staff after completing the 12 weeks Lecture Phase have started their outreach phase in Saint Lucia. By mid May they will be traveling to the Dominican Republic to return for graduation in June.

At this point 4 of the 5 students have not  complete the payment of their outreach fees and they are trusting God for provision.  Thanks for joining us in prayer for them.

Also our two staff members, who will be taking the students on outreach, still need some finances to cover their airfare; Merlisha needs the full airfare of US$ 1000, and Nicole needs about half of that. Thanks for praying and considering investing in them too.

Seasons greetings 2015

Seasons greetings

Thanks for your continual support and partnership in ministry

What Have We Been Up To?!

From October to December is usually the calmer months for us but this year from October we have been very much involved in ministering: 

We have been mobilizing and recruiting students for the next DTS 2016 visiting different churches to talk about the DTS

We were involved with the Salvation Army and Changing Lives Ministry a few days per week


helping serving food to the homeless and the very poor in Castries and ministering to them.  At this moment there is a growing need for volunteers to serve the needy.

As school closes we also had a couple of kids club activities with some kids near the city of Castries. We have hosted a few teams ministering with them as well as a team from Barbados who are with Uplift International.  The organization was mobilizing to take short term outreach teams of professionals to Malawi, Africa. They sensitize Saint Lucian's on the need  to go and be a blessing to others.

Campus Crusade for Christ St. Vincent also stayed at the base for one week while they sought to mobilize college students to start a chapter here in Saint Lucia.  It was good having them here as our 2 staff members were able to be a part of their ministry daily at the college as well.

Between September and December we had two YWAMSL board meeting and had two new persons join our board increasing the number to 10.  We are thankful for this increase and hope it will bring in more dynamism.

Family Update

Asaph has totally enjoyed his first term in school and has lots of friends of which 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) are his special friends which he talks about all the time.  I am praying that the enthusiasm that he has now  will continue through. We are praying to keep him in that school for the next term as well but may have at some point to continue with home schooling or another school. 

Time flies... we have changed but the Lord and His word never changes.  We just celebrated our 9th marriage anniversary and  are grateful to God for His faithfulness in all we are learning in living together and sharing each other's lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Upcoming Events

- Christmas Cookies Treat; from the 17th to the 23rd of December 2015, as we have done for the past few year now we hope this year to continue making cookies and decorate with a christmas message of hope.  These cookies will be distributed to the orphanage, the juvenile detention center, the elderly home and more.



- YWAM Saint Lucia DTS starting January 24th  through  June 17th,  2016, so far we have two confirmed and 4 potential students in process. Please join us in prayer for God to precede us in preparing and bringing the right students for this season.

- Impact Intensive: A new major evangelistic movement is beginning in the Caribbean; Impact World, a ministry of YWAM has been used around the world as a tool for evangelizing and discipling the emerging generation with powerful results. As we pray and mobilize to see saint Lucia join the movement we want to see many from here be part of the training (Impact intensive) in Kansas City, USA – April 8th – June 10th, 2016 (

- YWAM Caribbean Staff Conference :in the Dominican Republic - May 9th – 15th, 2016.  We are considering integrating this in our DTS outreach to have everyone or most of us there.

Praise Report and Prayer Request

- Praise for our 9th anniversary

- Praise the Lord for the strength and health He continues to give us

- pray for continued harmony and unity of heart and purpose in our family

- Join us in our continuing prayer for a permanent property for the ministry the need is greater now than ever.

- Please pray for more students for the upcoming DTS and that those in process will quickly complete the application process.  We are praying for 7 to 10 students for the 2016 DTS program

- Please pray for the funds for either the whole family to travel to Kansas City to be able to do this training or for either Guy or Marylin to be able to take 3 weeks out of the DTS

Feel free to contact us if you sense God leading you to assist us in one way or the other for one of the projects mentioned above

Asaph going to School

August -September  2015
Dear  Friends,  
In July we received two teams: The Korean prayer team that was as usual is a great blessing to us and the base. They prayed and served in various ways. After them a group of youth from Lancaster PA was with us for a week before the Summer Mission Adventure: the largest so far with YWAM Saint Lucia was held from August 2nd to 15th. We had over 40 people from 8 nationalities involved (including volunteers/staff). The largest group (19) came from Barbados. The vision of the program is to disciple young persons and mobilize the Caribbean Wave passing on tools to help in their relationship with God and build healthy relationships with others.

September is usually the less busy time here at the YWAM base which gives us time to plan.  This year we want to take time out specifically to pray and listen to the voice of God regarding:
- a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia
- The coming years
- Staff training… 

This year as you may know Asaph is going to preschool for one year.  He started off with 2 days of orientation which he totally liked and did very well.  School officially opened on Wednesday September 2nd, 2015.  He will be in school from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday.
We will really miss having him around during the day but at least it will give me (Marylin) some more time to do some things I am not able to do when he is around. 

We thank God for the way He has taken care of us thus far, for sustaining us as a family and for health and strength to carry out the work He has called us to do here in Saint Lucia and the Nations.  
Despite the fact that we are yet to meet our budget, we take this time to express our thanks and gratitude to God for His provision and for using you our friends and partners who are standing in the gap on our behalf with your prayers and financial support.  Thank you for allowing God to use you to help meet our needs!  
Our prayer is that you may be filled with the KNOWLEDGE OF HIS WILL in all wisdom and spiritual understanding; that you may have a WALK WORTHY OF THE LORD, fully pleasing Him, BEING FRUITFUL in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God; STRENGTHENED WITH ALL MIGHT, according to His glorious power, for all patience and long Suffering with joy; giving thanks to the Father who has qualified us to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in the light. (Col. 1:9-12)
Praise Report and Prayer Request

Praise the Lord - The Summer Mission Adventure was a success we had over 40 people from 8 nationalities including staff and volunteers and had to rent two apartments nearby. 
- Junior and Caleb that stayed after their DTS to help us staff the program alongside Nicole, Merlisha and local Volunteers like Joan and Keegan
Pray for
  • Pray for us as a family in ministry that we will continue to grow in love, unity, trust and mutual respect for one another.
  • Pray for Asaph for continued good health and for protection over his life in and out of school. Pray also for the finances to cover his school fees every month.
  • Pray for the work that the Lord has entrusted us to do
  • Pray for more persons that will give towards meeting our budget.

To Support Guy, Marylin and Asaph Financially

- Support can be made online at:

- For Canadian Tax Deductible Receipt send cheque to:
YWAM Project Funding Office (account code# WG 05)
PO Box 57100 RPO East Hastings
Vancouver, BC  V5K 5G6

* Please note: for all Canada tax deductible donations Cheque should be made out to YWAM with a separate note stating that the gift is for Guy M. & Marylin Weka Fotso(account code# WG 05). Do no write our names on the cheque. For more information on how to support via ywam canada visit this page:
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