November 2016 Update

Dear Friends

We Praise the Lord for you who have been praying or standing with us financially allowing us to serve here in Saint Lucia

Family Update

Home Shool Boy

Home Shool Boy

Back to school, for Asaph and home school teacher Marylin, the daily routine has recommenced.

With the summer gone we had a bit of a break and kind of slowdown of ministry activities in October allowing us to refocus a little as a family.

We understand that we need some space for the family both literal home space and also for more connection for marylin and I, to give more vitality to our marriage (celebrating 10 years  in December).

Thanks again for all of you who have stood with us all these years and continue to do so. 

At the moment we have come to some peace about getting an apartment extending out of the base. Until a few days ago we were ok about taking the neighbor's house which is up for rent, but we just found out that the neighbor rented it already, We told him we wanted it from January and were yet to pay the deposit.

We are now considering moving out of the present base all together since  this has been a long overdue move. Please pray with us for the right location.

DTS 2017: planing and promotion

The two staff left at the base with us (Keegan and Merlisha) have been going around promoting the next DTS but also helping once a week at the Homeless Shelter, although the challenge for staffing the next DTS remains, with Nicole away in Costa Rica and Merlisha's term ending in December.  We have been feeling the necessity to trust in God and not in our own strength and go ahead with the next Bible focus DTS in January with the theme:  "Life Revolution”

Creole Meal at YWAMSL

Creole Meal at YWAMSL


Praise God: 

- who has kept us in good health and taking us through 

- for the 4 DTS students that are now accepted and those who are still in process for the January DTS.  So far (two of the potential students is a couple with their 3 home school children)

PRAY for:

- the next DTS in January.  God has been giving us the peace to trust in Him and not in our own strength; pray that the preparation of the DTS planned to start on January 22nd, 2017 will be directed by God

- pray for the speakers' availability.

- pray for possible why not, a last minute extra staff. So far it is Guy, Marylin (part time because of home schooling Asaph) and Keegan

- Pray for housing for our family and the base. With another family coming for the DTS we have to take action. we will need an extra EC$1500 (US$550) monthly rent either for us or the base if we were to take the neighbor's house.  It is a leap of faith that we sense God leading us to make at this moment.  We are also actively looking for another location all-together for the base given the constant threat from our current landlord. We need favor to find the right location and favor and wisdom to negotiate.

- pray for speakers availability

Thanks for continuing to stand with us our family and with YWAM Saint Lucia.