Seasons greetings

Thanks for your continual support and partnership in ministry

What Have We Been Up To?!

From October to December is usually the calmer months for us but this year from October we have been very much involved in ministering: 

We have been mobilizing and recruiting students for the next DTS 2016 visiting different churches to talk about the DTS

We were involved with the Salvation Army and Changing Lives Ministry a few days per week


helping serving food to the homeless and the very poor in Castries and ministering to them.  At this moment there is a growing need for volunteers to serve the needy.

As school closes we also had a couple of kids club activities with some kids near the city of Castries. We have hosted a few teams ministering with them as well as a team from Barbados who are with Uplift International.  The organization was mobilizing to take short term outreach teams of professionals to Malawi, Africa. They sensitize Saint Lucian's on the need  to go and be a blessing to others.

Campus Crusade for Christ St. Vincent also stayed at the base for one week while they sought to mobilize college students to start a chapter here in Saint Lucia.  It was good having them here as our 2 staff members were able to be a part of their ministry daily at the college as well.

Between September and December we had two YWAMSL board meeting and had two new persons join our board increasing the number to 10.  We are thankful for this increase and hope it will bring in more dynamism.

Family Update

Asaph has totally enjoyed his first term in school and has lots of friends of which 3 (2 boys and 1 girl) are his special friends which he talks about all the time.  I am praying that the enthusiasm that he has now  will continue through. We are praying to keep him in that school for the next term as well but may have at some point to continue with home schooling or another school. 

Time flies... we have changed but the Lord and His word never changes.  We just celebrated our 9th marriage anniversary and  are grateful to God for His faithfulness in all we are learning in living together and sharing each other's lives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Upcoming Events

- Christmas Cookies Treat; from the 17th to the 23rd of December 2015, as we have done for the past few year now we hope this year to continue making cookies and decorate with a christmas message of hope.  These cookies will be distributed to the orphanage, the juvenile detention center, the elderly home and more.



- YWAM Saint Lucia DTS starting January 24th  through  June 17th,  2016, so far we have two confirmed and 4 potential students in process. Please join us in prayer for God to precede us in preparing and bringing the right students for this season.

- Impact Intensive: A new major evangelistic movement is beginning in the Caribbean; Impact World, a ministry of YWAM has been used around the world as a tool for evangelizing and discipling the emerging generation with powerful results. As we pray and mobilize to see saint Lucia join the movement we want to see many from here be part of the training (Impact intensive) in Kansas City, USA – April 8th – June 10th, 2016 (

- YWAM Caribbean Staff Conference :in the Dominican Republic - May 9th – 15th, 2016.  We are considering integrating this in our DTS outreach to have everyone or most of us there.

Praise Report and Prayer Request

- Praise for our 9th anniversary

- Praise the Lord for the strength and health He continues to give us

- pray for continued harmony and unity of heart and purpose in our family

- Join us in our continuing prayer for a permanent property for the ministry the need is greater now than ever.

- Please pray for more students for the upcoming DTS and that those in process will quickly complete the application process.  We are praying for 7 to 10 students for the 2016 DTS program

- Please pray for the funds for either the whole family to travel to Kansas City to be able to do this training or for either Guy or Marylin to be able to take 3 weeks out of the DTS

Feel free to contact us if you sense God leading you to assist us in one way or the other for one of the projects mentioned above