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Dear Friends
We pray God’s blessings on you and your family as you read this update and partner with us in missions

Family Update

Marylin, took a break this summer with Asaph Home schooling and will be resuming in September.  Asaph with his overwhelming level of energy can be very active and difficult to catch up with physically. We are considering registering him into a swimming or other sports club.

We praise God as Marylin was able to attend the YWAM staff conference in the DR after the impact Intensive training  in Kansas city thanks for your support.

We are grateful for all of you for your continual support and prayer for us as a family which has kept us strong and fruitful. It is now 5 years since we've been living at the YWAM base sharing literally everything from the chairs and beds we started the base with to a considerable amount of our family space and time. We don’t really regret anything as we have seen God touch and transform lives in this place. Despite being mis-understood sometimes, despite all the chalenges still ahead of the base, we sense that it is about time for us to either get a completely separate apartment for our family either  within a larger base or nearby. Please pray for provision and more committed partners for us to make this possible as soon as possible.

The neighbor at the present base has offered to rent us his house at a reasonable deal. This can be perfect if we don’t have another long term option right away and if we react fast enough to accept the offer. It will be great as an extension for the base where we could house some guests  and our family. 

Please pray and consider standing with us in this new venture to extend our boundaries as we need to get back to him ASAP. 

Successful DTS 2016

After their outreach in the Dominican Republic, the 2016 DTS came back to Saint Lucia for a week re-entry and debrief that lead to the graduation on June 17th. It was great to see how God used all the challenges encountered to build and edify the students and take them into another step in their relationship with Him.

DTS graduation

DTS graduation

One of the busy summer activity in Mauchy

One of the busy summer activity in Mauchy

One of the Busiest Summers We've Ever Had...

Teams :

We gave a week break to the DTS staff just enough to catch their breath before engaging the numerous teams that came our way this summer: 24 from Kansas City DTS, 14 from the KC Messenger School (photo below), and 18 from Cornerstone Ministries, Trinidad. Yes you are right if you add the volunteers that is well about 60 people that we have total care of between June 28th and August 2nd 2016.

Organizing housing, food, and ministry with only a 5 bedroom house as base for our 3 staffs and our family of 3 you can see the challenges. We had to rent a secondary house and even get assistance from a guest house at the last minute thanks to friends who managed everything.

messenger from KC

messenger from KC

Things went on ok despite the multiple challenges coordinating everything, each staff member had one team to follow up and we coordinated the work taking the food around and making sure the difficulties didn’t get out of control.

The Ministries included: Working in the community of Monchy where evangelism and a football tournament was organized with the CWC, Vacation Bible School (VBS) for Kids with Christ is the Anwser Church in Soufriere, Prayer Station, Homeless and Elderly Home Ministry. 

Some of the teams also worked with the Juvenile Detention Centre.


Ann Sophie(18): after spending two months serving with us in various ministries returned to Canada. We thank God for her service in blessing the Nation of Saint Lucia and the YWAM base and pray that God blesses her in her studies back home.

Karyn(22): an internationally ranked swimmer came all the way from Canada for the Summer Program and was a great blessing to the whole team. Some of the Islanders can now float on water (ah ah) thanks for coming to share the adventure with God and the young people here, looking forward to work together in the near future.

Summer Mission Adventure

Praise God for this year's Summer Program that took place as planned from July 31st to August 13th literally overlapping with the last summer team. As usual participants (6 this year)  got foundational teaching in Discipleship, Testimony, Identity and Missions. They also joined our 3 staff to do Evangelism and Mercy Ministry.

During the feedback it was great to see and hear how each of them grew in their personal relationship with God.

Impact World Tour

Saint Lucia is preparing to receive an Impact World Tour next year or later; preparations have been going on with a local steering committee that is networking for prayer and preparing discipleship groups. Please join us to pray for breakthroughs in the organizing of this campaign in Saint Lucia.

Need for Housing

Before everything we want to thank God for providing housing for all the teams we had this Summer this was not easy but with His grace He saw us through with the assistance of some friends. With the Summer Program we accommodated well over 60 people, Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia. At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available. It is sad to see all the funds that we have invested over the years in renting that could have gone towards securing a permanent property for the base.

- Pray that we will be able to setup a proposal and get people to come on board to help us secure a permanent property.

- pray for another staff for the next DTS 2017 as one of the staff is leaving for training