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Dear Friends

we are thankful to God who has seen us through these past intense months: a lot has happened and this update is actually long due.


Main house at the base

Main house at the base

Moving to the new base, preparing for the DTS and then having to suspend our DTS due to a number of problems ranging from some of the students accepted not being able to come, to the struggle of some in the 2nd week leaving us having to refer some students to YWAM Grenada to continue with their school. 

Men play after the marriage seminar at THE YWAM Base

Men play after the marriage seminar at THE YWAM Base

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have been praying for us during this challenging time, we really need it. We had to pay the student’s airfare to Grenada and refund them most of their fees. Despite all the logistics already engaged, in preparing the new house to welcome the students, we be believe God really stretched our faith and He continues to do so, but, as in the past we trust Him to see us through.

Marylin share at a Mission Training retreat

Marylin share at a Mission Training retreat

We thank God for our Board Chairman David Harper and his wife Nancy who came as planned in a time like this, even though he could not share at the DTS. The Marriage Tune-up Seminar that was planned with him was organized and we saw the participation of 10 couples from around the Island. It was a powerful time of healing and restoration for us as a family and many of the couples present. The banner pic shows the couples that attended the second level training for marriages coaching.


For the past few years we were able to put together a curriculum including the contents of the DTS to bless the busy workers unable to take a full time DTS. In the context of Saint Lucia we have been sensing this as one of the effective ways to reach out to the nation. We are hoping to start the program soon. Please pray with us for the word to go out and for the  students. in the photo above Marylin is sharing at a missions retreat in Castries.


We just welcomed two young people on the base Alicer and Edrysha as part time live in volunteers who will be getting involved in our campus life and ministry when their time table allows them to. Alicer did the DTS with us in 2013 and Edrysha did her DTS in Grenada two years ago.

Pray with us that this new experience with part time live-in volunteers will be a positive one and will allow us to develop a strong ‘Apostolic

Discipleship Community’ as we have always dreamed of, where many young people who come alongside our various ministries will grow in 

their relationship with God while impacting various spheres of their profession and experiencing a family life atmosphere for those that didn’t grow up in one.


- We thank God who allow us to be able to move to this new base with a separate apartment for us as a family.

- God has kept us without too much bruises despite all the challenges of the past months  (we had to cancel our 2017 DTS that started on January 24th on the second week due to the facts mention above).

- Praise God for the Marriage Tune-Up and Mentoring Workshop that Dave and Nancy Harper held at our base: it has been a source of refreshment not just for our marriage but also for many other couples that attended.

- This week we welcomed a young man Maverick (20) who just completed his DTS in Townsville, Australia and God sent him to Saint Lucia to invest in the youth. 


- that our 2017 DTS students who left will be able to make it where they are. and those that could not come for God’s timing to be perfect in their life.

Pray for the Jackson family that wanted to be part of this 2017 DTS but could not make it; that God will continue to bless guide them and in His timing. Despite the fact they didn’t come they were a blessing to our base.

- for God to encourage Keegan our young staff as it was the 1st DTS he try to staff and it did not go through, that he will not be discouraged. 

- for God to continue to show us His faithfulness in providing finances to pay the rent.

- for our part-time program that we are planning to launch soon: interest and registration 

- for the impact of the marriage mentoring workshop to last and that a network of marriage mentors will be established on the Island to help the many marriages in difficulty

- Pray that Maverick  will be able to integrate perfectly and God will use him powerfully for His Glory for the time in this nation.

- for more long term staff