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Dear Amigos greetings in the Name of our Savior and Lord Jesus. thanks for taking the time to read our update;

The ywam base

A view of the Base with the Van

A view of the Base with the Van

This year 2017 is holding on to it’s promise to be that of new challenges for us, challenges through which we are learning to appreciate God's faithfulness to a new dimension.

So far we have been able to pay our monthly rent since February for the new base without too much delay. We are grateful for those of you who have been praying or supporting us in one way or the other.  We hope to be able to pay June’s rent before the end of the month!

MDTS1 Class Session

MDTS1 Class Session

Nicole and Keegan our two staff so far are planning to leave the base by July this year as they plan their marriage for September. For the moment they  have no plans of returning as staff soon. At this moment Keegan is spending the rest of his time with us as part time live-in, working most of the day in a delivery company and helping when he can. We are thankful for their contribution in this ministry to this point and pray God’s blessings on the family they will be forming soon.

Helping Soup Kitchen with the Salvation Army

Helping Soup Kitchen with the Salvation Army

This will leave us with just short term volunteers around.

Edrysha, a part time live-in volunteer is still here at the base with us and is taking classes at college and serving with The Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCCF).  Pray for God’s provision as she faces some financial chalenges.

Prayer Station in Castries YWAM SL

Prayer Station in Castries YWAM SL

Our Part-time Mission and Discipleship Program level one (MDTS1) designed for busy workers started in April with 5 students, so far 4 are holding on and making significant progress. Some of the classes are done via live streaming. We are preparing our Summer mission adventure this year in partnership with YWAM Guadeloupe.

As we go through this season we are praying and trying our best to learn what God wants to teach us, but also considering various options going forward. 

Among other ideas we are considering the necessity of expanding the leadership team thereby relieve some of the pressure of  just our family being under fire when the battle intensifies.

Praise God:

- for His faithful provision so far for the base rent and expenses

- for persons that are standing with us in a challenging time as this

- for the short term volunteer that are coming to assist us this summer

Pray for:

- For our Summer Mission Adventure 2017, that all participants expected will be impacted

- For long term mature staff that are willing to invest in developing the ministry of YWAM Saint Lucia

- God’s continual provision for the rent

- Provision to service and repair the YWAM Van

Fotso family YWAMSL

Fotso family YWAMSL

The Family

We are thankful for the Marriage tune up Seminar led by Dave and Nancy earlier this year here in Saint Lucia; the seminar equipped us and many other couples on the Island with well needed tools for couples in a time of crises.

Asaph turned 6 in May and is preparing to start grade one this summer. He ask a lot of challenging questions and wants to know the why of everything. The home school experience is helping develop our patience muscles

Praise God

- that He is taking care of us in the middle of all

- for what he is helping us to learn through every challenge

Pray with us:

- For deeper intimacy between us and with God

- For Intercessors to join our support team 

- That challenges and battles will make us stronger and more effective

- That we will learn all what God want us to learn in this season