I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.❤

Thank you so much everyone for your love and support through out this time, it has certainly gone a very long way....Thank you.

As a young missionary I will say that I have learnt more now than when I first began this journey. It’s not easy as some of us may know it, but the experiences, the adventure and the wonderful people that you come into contact with turn the challenges into testimonies of God’s goodness. I want to extend a warm heart felt thank you to you. Yes you, the individuals God used to bless me for this trip. Without you being obedient this trip might not have been possible. I pray that the Lord will bless you in the same manner which you blessed me.

Dominican Republic DTS Outreach

I had the privilege again to lead the DTS outreach in the Dominican Republic with Nicole. God started amazing me even before we left St. Lucia, just by the way that He provided for me for the trip and also the YWAM Caribbean Staff Conference in ways that I could’ve never thought of.  He continued to prove Himself as my Jehovah Jireh, my faithful God and all I have to continue to do is trust Him.

On our trip one of the things which stood out to me was the language of LOVE. On our team, there wasn’t one person that was able to speak Spanish “that well,” we tried our best though, trust me, we tried. But in spite of our limited Spanish we were able to reach out to persons, especially the children with love. They were definitely not able to understand our English, we barely understood their Spanish, but they understood the language of LOVE and responded to it. (The greatest language is not English, it is not Spanish neither French, but it is LOVE, and everyone understands it.)

We were blessed to spend some time in a village named Alias Pina, where God used that time to show me what a real servant heart is like. I spent some time looking at our host Mary. Mary was a staff on the base at YWAM Santo Domingo; she spent some time in Africa and during her time, felt that God was calling her back to her village to work with the children.  Mary has such great faith, even when the situation seems a little impossible, she believed and trusted God. I can clearly remember hearing her saying, “un nombre de Jeshua,”  and that which almost seemed impossible becomes possible.  She showed me that even when I don’t have the support I need around me that God is with me and there’s no need to complain or fuss but just trust God.

 We were able to make great friendships with persons but, most of all with our YWAM family on the base in Santo Domingo.

On our return to St. Lucia, the following week the students graduated. We thank God that all five of them were able to.

Summer Program
On July 31st  to August 13th, we hosted our fifth annual YWAM Missions Adventure, where we had six participants, Karyn from Canada, Tamara, Nicole and Rae Ann from St.Lucia and Caleb from St.Lucia, being the only male. Unlike the previous years, we had a very small team this year, but God did not seize to do what He had to in the lives of the participants. They were exposed to doing ministry with the homeless shelter, the elder home and the boys training center, which was new to most of them. The program was fun and each participant left the program with something to strengthen their faith in Christ.

Visiting Teams

We welcomed three teams on the shores of this island, two from YWAM Kansas City and the other from Trinidad. I was blessed with the privilege to lead the team from Trinidad, which was such a wonderful experience. I saw God break down yokes of shyness in the lives of the youth and equip them with boldness in just a matter of days. The fear of speaking out or sharing in public turned to willingness.

Prayer Points:

Please pray for Nicole, my fellow staff sister who will be going to do the Bible Core Course in Costa Rica on the 22nd of this month, where she will be learning to study the bible inductively. 

  1. Pray for God’s provision for her as she is still missing $10,000EC from the $15,000EC that she needs in order to complete this course.
  2. Peace as she travels that she will be able to adjust well.
  3. For God’s protection over her life
  • Favor
  • Continued good health
  • Endurance

3. I would like to apologize for the lateness of my newsletter, it is due to the inconvenience of my computer, which fell and has lately decided to give up on me and not perform her duties properly. Please pray:

  • That God provides a laptop for me as soon as possible

4. We are in the slower phase here at the base and we’re busy putting things in place for the upcoming DTS in January of 2017. Keegan and I are the ones in charge of promoting the DTS, please pray:

  • For divine favor as we go, that we will receive opportunities to promote the program.
  • For wisdom
  • For strength
  • Perseverance
  • And endurance



Merlisha Update March 2016

May you be blessed as you take your time out to read my newsletter

DTS 2016 is here!!!!!!!!

It serves me great joy to be writing to you today. I am doing pretty much fine, continuing to trust and believe in God and His word.
Great news!!!!!! On the 7th of last month I celebrated my 23rd birthday, which was wonderful. It was amazing spending time with wonderful people like some of you. Thank you for all the love, calls and messages on that day, you guys made it a lot more special.
Oh WOW!!!!!! How quickly time passes by, the saying is appearing to be more real than I thought, and “time waits for no man.” It feels like it was only yesterday we were preparing for and promoting the DTS, now we’re already in the fourth week going into the fifth week of the school, My, my, my.

We are so thankful to have our five students here with us, hailing from four different nations, four young ladies and one young man. Denielle Williams 24 of Jamaica, Tessa Glashower 19 of the US, Taylor Ann Green 21 also from the US, our very own Kerima Antoine 32 and Mikael Fredrikson 19 of Sweden. This year the focus of the school is the Bible and the theme is “Passion for Jesus.” We are in the process of reading the Bible from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation. It is very interesting and also encouraging to see that every time I read the bible, no matter what passage of scripture, something new always seem to unfold. So I am extremely excited to see what the Lord will use His word to do in the lives of the students and the transformation that will take place as they read and apply the principles that they will receive in their lives.

For the first week we had Ms Marsha Pascal, DTS leader of YWAM Grenada come in to speak on Hearing the Voice of God, Intimate Friendship with God and worship. One of the things that she reminded me of is that worship is a lifestyle; it is not just a one day activity. Everything that I do, think or say should bring glory to God. Oh! What a solid foundation she built. My prayer is that those teachings will not only remain in the students’ heads but it will sink deep in their hearts, where they will be able to live it out.

In week two we had another lecturer from Grenada, Wayne Mitchell, who taught on The Cross. One of the things which really had me during that teaching was the scripture passage in Mathew 27:34 'they gave Him sour wine mixed with gall to drink, but when tasted it, He would not drink.' Sour wine mixed with gall when consumed numbs the human body, so in order for Jesus to be pain free they gave it Him to drink. He refused, out of Love He received every lash and endured till the very end and accomplished the task that He was sent to do.

Week three was one of the most interesting weeks, for the first three days, Wayne taught on how to do an inductive bible study. After going through the methods, we had a practical study on the book of Philemon, it was so amazing to see how much can be taken from such a small book in the bible.

Pastor Zifus also came in to teach on the Bible. I had the privilege to learn at least two words in Hebrew, which i have already forgotten.

Last week we had our very own base director Guy Weka teaching on the Nature and Character of God. One of the things that i was reminded of, is that I was personally designed by God and because of that I must know who I am in Him.

I am so thankful for the work that God have already started in the lives of the students, i pray that as the weeks passes by they will continue to prepare their hearts and make it available for the Lord to give them fresh revelation.

Praise report

- YWAM St. Lucia DTS 2016 has started and things are progressing smoothly

- Praise God, all five students are here safe and sound, despite some of the challenges that were faced, especially with the weather in the US, the two girls are here and now our team is complete.

- There is already such a great bond among the students.

                                                             Prayer points

- For strength, the program is really tight and sometimes can be very demanding

- That what ever it is that the students will receive from the teachings they will apply it to their lives, and they will allow God to do what it is that He wants to do in them

- That the students will be able to adjust to the new environment, the food, climate and the culture

- That I will find more persons to partner with me in prayer and finances.

- Finances for the students who have not completed paying their school fees

- Outreach location, we are still in the process of praying aand listening to God as to where exactly he wants us this year. The two locations we're looking at are The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Please pray that as we listen to God he will speak and we will walk in total obedience concerning the location, not where we want but where he want us.

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