Summer Buzz

Thank you for keeping me and my team mates in prayer for this busy summer that we just had with all the visiting teams and ministry activities. I appreciate you very much.

Summer Buzz

This summer we were really stretched at various capacities as we accommodated 3 teams ranging from Trinidad & Tobago (Trini) , Kansas City “ Messenger Team “ and Kansas City DTS. Each of these teams brought some unique flavor to the pot I would say. Merlisha (staff) spear headed the Trini team which she enjoyed very much. She got to see growth within the 10 days they spent with us. The youngsters received various teachings to strengthen and build their faith such as sharing their testimony and evangelism. I can recall one of the team members Isaiah, being a bit fearful at the homeless shelter to speak to persons about Jesus or even pray for persons and by the second day he was approaching the individuals and asking, “is there something specific I can pray for?” It was wonderful to see what the Holy Spirit did in the lives of the youth on this trip.


Throughout the history in the bible God has always raised up a young man or young woman to transform a society and God is still doing this today in this generation. The vision of the Messenger team “modern day revivalists “is to train this generation to be cultural revivalists and reformers of society using fasting, prayer and evangelism to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  During those weeks of spending time with the team the Holy Spirit used them to teach me what it means to engage in spirit led evangelism and waiting on The Lord for direction, which is something I desired to grow in. The team and I stayed in Soufriere for one week doing vocational bible school and at the program 21 children who attended the program gave their hearts to the Lord. 

It's interesting how we spent hours at the health clinic waiting on the doctor because one of the team mates got pricked by a sea urchin but, every opportunity is an opportunity to share the gospel. The waiting period turned into praying for various persons who were sick and encouraging individuals. Like a man who was prayed for because of swollen hand and immediately the swelling went down. We had many similar encounters like these. the team also visited the juvenile center and Eliza shared her testimony and an exhortation on the Prodigal Son and 15 boys gave their lives to Jesus. Something i have never experienced in my years going to the center was to see the boys asking for praying, clapping, singing and giving thanks to God. The presence of God was so evident that day at the center. Also, a boy got healed of a sprained ankle he got during a soccer game the day before, he was prayed for, and was healed. This is a team i will never forget and i hope we someday cross paths again.


The Kansas City DTs team was led by Keegan and their main focus was on discipleship and placed all their effort, strength and focus on one community called Monchy. The team held soccer tournaments for the young men and partnered with a church doing VBS for the summer and held assemblies at the middle school.

Summer Program Testimonies

This year’s summer program jump started from July 31st – August 13th. Compared to last year’s program where we had 30 participants this year we accommodated 6 young person’s 1 male and 5 females Caleb, Nicole, Tonia, Tamara, Zana, Karen (Canada).

Caleb: being the only young man in the program was blessed as well to grow in boldness in speaking to persons about Jesus and he was thankful for the opportunities he was exposed to in serving others.

Zana: who is Keegans’ youngest sister participated in the program the topic which stood out to her was the teaching on sharing your testimony taught by Guy Weka (leader). Zana had no idea what a testimony was or the how abouts of writing or sharing it with persons, but by the time the program was ending she was already teaching others the importance of sharing their testimony.  One day we took the team out to do evangelism in the Rodney Bay Mall and Zana met with a lady who was a believer. She asked her, “do you know how to share your testimony? And the lady responded, “No,” then Zana began explaining the process of writing a testimony.

Karyn: being the only foreigner in the program was also blessed to be part of the program to grow in her relationship with the Lord and have scheduled quiet times with the Lord. She was also able to pass on someone her skills to the participants in swimming since she is a swimming coach back in Canada.

The Challenge

We are small but, growth is taking place. This summer reminded us of how desperately we are in need of a permanent property for YWAM St. Lucia. We were posed with the challenge of sourcing other houses to host the visiting teams because our 5 bedroom house wouldn’t meet the bench mark. Having a permanent property will enable us as a ministry to accommodate more teams, receive families on board that would like to be part of our YWAM St. Lucia family. Not only that but, the vision will begin to unfold at greater depths in having a skills center to disciple others. We have started the search in looking for a permanent property and thus far we have stumbled on 2 which are expensive but, you can partner with us through prayer and sharing the vision with a friend or family member or you can give towards the upcoming project. Stand with us to see YWAM St. Lucia reach her full potential.


Praise Report

  1. Thank God for the persons who gave their hearts to the Lord over this past summer
  2. Thank God for giving my entire team and myself the strength to host the various teams we received over the summer.
  3. Aunty J faithfully came on board to cook for the various teams. Cooking for 30 persons is not an easy task in a small under equipment kitchen, but each day she did it joyfully. God bless Aunty J’s  kind heart.
  4. We give God all glory for what he has done in the lives of the 5 summer program participants
  5. I thank God for the persons who has partnered with me financially for my upcoming trip to Costa Rica.
  6. Praise God for relationships that were built over the past summer 
  7. Thank you for taking your precious time to pray for the past DTS students on their adjustments at home, all five of them are doing wonderful.
  8. Praise God for the turn out for the bible proclamation that was held for 4 days in the City of Castries. Persons honored their commitment and were stirred up to read their bible daily.
  9. Praise God that i have raised $EC 5000.00 towards my trip to Costa Rica. God is good.

Prayer Report

  1. That i continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord.
  2. Continue praying for finances for my upcoming school to Costa Rica. I am missing a balance of $EC 10,000.00 ($USUS 3703.70).
  3. Pray for a smooth adjustment for me as I travel to Costa Rica.
  4. We are in the process of preparing for the upcoming Discipleship Training School pray for guidance especially for Merlisha and Keegan as they promote and market the school at the various churches around the island.
  5. Pray for a permanent YWAM property for the ministry
  6. Merlisha is in need of alaptop because hers is crashing so pray for a new one for her
  7. Keegan is also in need of glasses, so pray for God’s provision.
  8. Pray for my relationship with Keegan as we will be apart from each for so long as i travel to Costa Rica.