Who Can Partner with us?

- Individual skill persons or Professional  

- Organizations , Institutions, Ministry and Churches

Why Partnering?

- You don't have enough time to go or volunteer full time now but want to help.

- You want to Support  our  YWAM Campus, or one of our dedicated Full time Volunteer who need it. 

How You can Partner?

- You can offer your Skill or expertise punctually or on regularly set time by you.

- You can offer us the opportunity to serve With you or your Institution

- You or your Ministry/church can commit to pray and Intercede for our ministry and volunteers on appointed occasion on a regular basis as it suit you.

- You can commit to Support us or volunteers Financially

And What is our Responsibility to you?

- YWAM Saint Lucia is committed to keep you as Partner updated on all what going on with the ministry: success and chalenges, accomplishment and projects, through a regular newsletter as soon as keep us inform of your intention.

- We will invite you at our Partners Occasion when it is possible for you

- We will do our best to respond to questions you may have