2014 DTS at YWAM St. Lucia

YWAM Saint Lucia held its second Discipleship Training School (DTS) from January 26th to June 20th 2014. The DTS is a full-time program that comprises two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase. Participants not only learn from lectures but also from living together and practical training and outreach phase focuses on applying what is learned in the classroom through an intense, cross-cultural experience. The overall objective of the training program is To Know God & To Make Him Known. 

We had 6 participants; Stacy and Merlisha both from the island of St. Lucia, Isaac and Sean from Canada, Kim from the US and Tebron from St.Kitts and Nevis. Although Tebron joined the program 2 weeks late due to some difficulty with her passport, She was able to catch up. During this time the students prayed faithfully on Tebrons’ behalf because they believed she had to be part of this school. However, Kim was unable to complete the Lecture phase due to some family issues. 

Throughout the lecture phase of the school we had various lectures on the Nature & Character of God, Hearing Gods Voice, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships and Sexuality, Father Heart of God, the divine plumb line, Community Development and Missions & Evangelism. The lectures were taught by various missionaries. One week during the lecture phase was dedicated to Saint Lucia pastors. Each student left the classroom with a deeper revelation of who God is and who He is calling them to be.

DTS Outreach10.jpg

The second phase of the school which is the outreach was divided into 2 parts; St. Lucia outreach & Guyana outreach. In St.Lucia the students were engaged in many different forms of ministries such as street evangelism in a needy community called Anse La Raye, prayer station in the city of Castries and children;s ministry in Bois Patat and at a homeless shelter.The students were very excited about their outreach in Guyana as God led there after some hesitations whether they have to go to Brazil. The team worked with churches, served at a girls orphanage doing tutoring. Also,  they traveled for some time in the Amerindian village of Chinoweing in the interior of Guyana; they took one hour ride on a bush airplane. they serve with the Church, pray, when for house visitations, and even helped fix the village airstrip that was damaged by heavy rains. This time was also a time of growth for many of our students as they saw the living conditions in the village. There was no easy cell phones access, neither television nor internet. This made the students appreciate the resources they have at home like flowing water from a tap and electricity. For those who thought living without internet was impossible they came to realization it is not as important as communicating with persons face to face.  The team also was able to give a helping hand to Youth with a Mission Guyana in their building project by painting.

As the team returned to Saint Lucia they had a one week of re-entry to help them process the various things learnt throughout the school and settling in when they return home before the graduation ceremony on June 20th 2014.

We greatly appreciate the partnership all those including our staff who made this school possible. A special though for Nicole who lost her mum a week before the departure to Guyana and was not able to accompany the student as planned