DTS 2015 IN St. Lucia

This year the main focus of the Discipleship Training School (DTS) was the Bible. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. As followers of Jesus Christ the Bible is the blue print by which we live. Therefore, we wanted to pass on the excitement and passion for this generation to read and find pleasure in the bible. To accomplish this we read the Bible together every morning for one hour which was followed by healthy discussions; students were able to complete their whole bible within 13 weeks.

Throughout the lecture phase of the school we had various lectures on the Nature & Character of God, Hearing God's Voice, Spiritual Warfare, Relationships and Sexuality, Father Heart of God, the Divine Plumb-line, Community Development and Missions & Evangelism. The various lectures' helps the students to learn more about themselves, God and others. 

Students and staff

Students and staff

This Year we had Tonia and Sheski from St. Lucia, Kashm from Antigua, Caleb from Brazil, Junior from St. Marteen. Although we started the program with five students four completed the program successfully. Sheski Joseph was unable to complete the program due to some pressing personal and family matters. 

It was a great school despite a few challenges that but,we continued to trust God. Tonia was given a scholarship for her first phase of the school; However, two students were unable to clear their tuition fee, we continue to trust God with them to see it paid off completely. 

The outreach started in Saint Lucia with various ministries such as prayer station, discipleship at a homeless shelter, after school program for kids in a needy community. The International outreach originally planned for Nicaragua was redirected to Trinidad and Tobago and was hosted by YWAM Trinidad. We did ministry in the street in targeted communities. We also served the base by maintaining the lawn. and cutting around the Base. We visited a few churches where students got an opportunity to share their personal testimony. Seeds were sown in the lives of the individuals we met and we know it will bring forth fruit. 

God be praised for the work the Holy Spirit did in the students’ lives as well as the staff. The 2015 DTS was completed with a simple graduation dinner with students and staff on June 19th 2015. It was a wonderful time. 

No Discipleship Training School is the same because each student that comes through our doors is unique. God desires lead us in new experiences every year. We pray that all the principles learned by all will continue to be apply everyday.