The Next DTS in Saint Lucia is planned from January to June 2020.

DTS Lecture and Outreach Fees for different Country Category

The table below gives an Idea of the DTS fees and include room and board. These fees are expected from each participant depending on their Country of Origin. Contact us and discuss with us if you have some limitations so we see how to pray with you and see what is possible.
As you look at the fees keep in mind that is a live in program. Also, Saint Lucia is a major tourist destination and a Caribbean Island, make the cost of living relatively hight.


Local and other Country B and C Students XCD5,940.00 or ($US2,200.00)
Country A* Students $US 3,180.00

Lecture Phase Fees includes room and board, lectures, some required books, planned activities and some limited recreational activities on the Island.  Lecture Phase fee does not include travel to and from Saint Lucia.


Local and other Country B and C Students XCD5,400.00 (or $US2,000.00) + Airfare**
Country A* Students . $US 2,950.00) + Airfare**

**The above Outreach Fees  includes room and board, and ministry only-related expenses throughout the outreach (But not the airfare or the transportation to outreach location )
The Outreach Locations will be finalized and announced before the school start or in the early weeks of Lecture phase.
To the above outreach fees each DTS Students should therefore add the airfare and other transportation  to outreach location and back to the Base in Saint Lucia.


Local and other Country B and C Students XCD11,340.00(or $US 4,200.00) + Airfare**
Country A Students $US 6,130.00 + Airfare**
Extimated outreach Airfare** Will depend on outreach location

Estimate Total DTS Cost Including Airfare

 ** The Airfare and transportation is From Saint Lucia to the outreach location and back to Saint Lucia. if the outreach location is within  the  Caribbean and/or South /Central America  each student should plan to add  USD 1,400 (EC$3,780) to the above fees for airfare/transportation this can vary depending of the time the ticket is purchase and the location. This is the minimum we recommend students to plan for. It will cover Air and Land transportation where necessary.

We normally pay the ticket once  all together fund have to be in at the same time with the rest of the school fees.

If students have extra luggage they must be prepare to pay the extra cost requested by the airline company.

The basic fees indicated above is for a DTS lecture phase of 11 to 12 weeks in Saint Lucia and an Outreach of 9 to 10 weeks

DTS fees including All Room and board and Transportation/airfare for ministry purpose

Considering the above, in All cases the Minimum budget for your DTS including airfare to the outreach location and back to Saint Lucia should be as follow:
- USD 7,300 for country A*
- $US 5,400 (XCD 14,580) for Country B

* only category A students pay the actual cost of the school therefore we are always looking for donors to help us provide scholarships to country C students or other financially limited students. Non designated donation to the DTS normally help cover this scholarship funds.


Students are responsible to pay any extra fees associated to their immigration extension or statuts separately. in Saint Lucia this may be up to US$80 per month after the entry visa expiration. if the application in at least 2 month before the start we could apply for work permit exemption for the student free of charge

Note :  School fees DO NOT include personal items, Personal Communication, Vaccinations, Laundry fees, Immigration Fees, Toiletries or health insurance.

Eastern Caribbean exchange for the fees are $US1 =  XCD2.70

- In budgeting Participants should expect some variation mainly due to the outreach airfare if the final field assignment (outreach) location is further away from the region (caribbean or south central America), in such case each participant to the field assignment may have to raise additional finances to cover the extra airfare and/or additional expenses associated with the particular location. But if we stay within the indicated region there shouldn't be significant change.

 Caribbean region we are willing allow students from some countries of the region to contribute a lower fees independently or their Country Category (A, B or C). if you are from: Saint Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Trinidad & Tabago, Jamaica or any other nation but cannot afford the fees for your country category as indicated above, let us know as you apply; we will pray with you to find the right solution.

Each DTS student is expected to complete the two phase ( Lecture+ outreach) so you must plan consequently.