Payment Schedule

It is important to follow this schedule to help in planing the different school phase and events

  • Deposit: of EC$ $1,350 (US$500) due within ten days of acceptance :will be apply to school fees 
  • 1st Lecture Phase payment : 50 % of the Total lecture phase fees, is due 30 days prior to the start of lecture phase
  • 2nd Lecture Phase payment : the remaining 50% of Lecture phase payment must be at least a week before school start : that is before January 15th 


  • 1st Outreach payment payment : 50% of total outreach fees is due before the 4th week of lecture phase
  • All outreach fees and school fees must be completely paid before the 6th week of lecture  (before the end of the month of February or the 1st week of March) this make it easy for us to book the airfare ticket at an acceptable rate.

NOTE: The DTS fees can and should pay if possible in one installment to limit the transaction fees that are at the expense of the students we only count fund that are effectively credited to YWAM Saint Lucia Bank account and will inform you.

Payment  recommended:

Wire Transfers:  You can pay by wire transfer. This option will most likely include a fee depending on your bank. we will only consider the funds that we effectively  receive in our bank account, it is therefore your responsibility to pay the extra transact fees to cover all transfer fees.

Money Order or Check Requirements:  For international students, your check or money order must be drawn on a United States or Canadian bank  with U.S. computer coding on the bottom of the check. if send US or Canadian Check send it at least 8 weeks before the schedule payment dateline.