Volunteer Short Term

Volunteer Short Term

from 11.24

USD Per person Living on ywam Campus Dorm style /days

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  1. All fees indicated are in US$ (USD) to find the equivalent in local currency multiply by 2.7

  2. All fees are per person for additional person indicate in quantity and make sure each person complete an application form

  3. Fees are paid in advance for the period selected, before the arrival of the Volunteer at the YWAM base

  4. If the applicant select per months he must choose the quantity equivalent to the number of months he plan to stay.

  5. If the duration of stay is above 1 month (or a full month) but less than 2 months ( or the next full month) the candidate must choose the amount of months desired save to cart and then the number of weeks above and save to cart before proceeding