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A summer like no other

Summer Mission Adventure 2017

Dear friends

 if you are receiving this update for the second time please let us know to help us update our contact list.
This year we had our 6th Annual summer program at YWAM Saint Lucia. From the 30th of July to the 13th of August we hosted more than 20 participants and leaders from 5 different countries. The participants were in large majority between 13 and 21 years old, some were accompanied by team leaders while others came on their own. 


Like each year the program integrated basic discipleship teaching such as The Father Heart of God, Quiet Time, Relationships, Identity, etc...  Recreational Activities, Beach, Island Tour, etc.. and Missions: Compassion and Evangelism.

they enjoy it.jpg

Art and Craft was also well integrated thanks to the contribution of some local volunteer Artists. Participants had the opportunity to demonstrate their talents during a talent show evening. 

class 2017.jpg


It was obvious that the program  impacted many of the young people’s life. Most of them admitted that they grew closer to God and made new friends during these two weeks. Realizing that there was a reason God wanted them to be part of this program. 

Thanks to the new rented base location

We were able to host all of the participants at the base for these two weeks. A few more adventurous ones spent the two weeks sleeping in a tent on the base’s lawn.

base yard.jpg

Praises & Prayer Points

We Praise God for the many local volunteers and Sephora that showed up to help and encourage besides the MDTS students. It is always great to know that we are not left alone.

Upcoming UofN Conference in Costa Rica:

After a busy and challenging season, we are praying and trying to refocus; renew our strength and rest.  One of the ways for us to do this could be a change of environment. by attending the conference for example...
The last UofN workshop we attended was in 2013 in Mexico where we got  inspired to start the Part Time DTS (MDTS) that we are running now. The next UofN workshop will be held in Costa Rica from September 4 - 10. Last time He provided miraculously for the family to be able to attend,  We believe in the same God.  He can do it again, please stand with us  in prayer for a miracle... Here is a breakdown of some of the cost involved:
Registration for family: US$415,
Airfare:  US$1000 x 3 = US$3000,
Accommodation: Approx. US$600
Total needed = US$ 4000

Mission & Discipleship course (MDTS):

The 1st level of the Part Time DTS is closing up, please pray for God's deeper work in the lives of all participants. Direction and commitment for the outreach.

Children's Ministry

Marylin recently initiated a Kids Club at the base on Saturdays, please pray for Gods direction and favor in the lives of the children and those working with them.


We continue to trust God month after month for provision for the rent of the house serving as base presently.
Pray that some of the thoughts that came up to help develop fundraising will progress.

We thank God for Sephora one of our past DTS students and other Local volunteers such as Jackie, who have been here helping in various ways for the past few weeks. We would have had serious difficulties without their services.
We continue to pray for more volunteers and staff to answer the call and show up to help.