What is Kid's Program all about?

A day or two each week we will minister to kids  by:
- running a kid's club a the YWAM centre
- interacting and playing with them teaching them biblical stories and principles
- helping those that need assistance for school work (after school program)in some cases in various communities
- many other programs as the lord inspires

We are praying for more volunteers and staff with a heart for children to join us to develop this ministry.

Kids enjoy play grounds but they are not very common

Our Vision: To develop the after school program, Kids clubs, and a King's Kids Ministry. We want to see a Kids Playground and/or a kids transformable truck that can be a mobile play ground driven to various communities on different days to set up a small playground in a park or open field for a few hours.

Come Join us Today!

If you have completed a YWAM DTS it will be great if not you are still welcome