With our volunteers staff and students we live and eat together in community; and we consider developing feeding program for the needy as well. We are therefore require to process large quantity of food stuff and need:

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1-A large fridge  for the base kitchen


2- A deep freezer  for the base kitchen


3- a small industrial gas stove with heated surface 


4- Stainless Steel 5 litres insulated carafe


5- Stainless Steel Sugar & Creamer Set


6- A rugged Coffe Maker Urn (75 to 100 cups)


7- A  Microwave  

no more in need for the moment:

have been provided


8- Quality Melamine Plastic Dinnerware

A few dozen will be great

9- Essentials Acrylic multi Compartment Tea Bag Storage Box


10- Basketweave Spill-Resistant Vinyl Tablecloths

about  6 will be will be great