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1-  bunk beds & mattress for dormitories. Click on the image to see a link to an on-line listing of the specific item we are looking for

need about 6 of these; We can build them  if we have the material ((1US$=2.7EC)

2- Washable pillows


3- Fan for class and rooms 

DTS class media player

4- Energy and power control timer to regulate the use of some power appliances such as washing machines, dryers and more

Given the high cost of energy in Saint Lucia we need one or two of such power contror or similar to help us provide some services to those who are used to and need it..

5-  A permanent campus: or Donors willing to contribute toward renting the temporary Campus for about US$ 2,000 to US$ 3000 per month.

Long term we will need 3 to 10 acres (1.5 to 4 hectares) of land to develop the project of YWAM Saint Lucia. We have faith in The Lord for His provision