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YWAM Kid's Club?

Reduit Beach Road Every Saturday @ 2:00 to 4:00pm

Reach the Kids age 4 to 14 when it is still timewhen it is still time. Tomorrow is Now waiting !

We create an environment for kids interact, play, and learn key social Skills in a friendly and Biblical setting.
- we look plan to implement assistance for after school program, exploring discovering and developing new skills : Arts and Crafts, Dance, music and more…
Outdoor field Trip, team building and other recreational activities also in the menus


Youth Club ?

Reduit Beach Road Every Saturday @ 2:00 to 4:00pm

We are committed to value Youth, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them in Their calling. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God. 

Alongside our Kids Clubs we have a Youth Club were Teen and Young adult can meet, play, discuss, learn and develop leadership skills to embrace their destiny with confidence in a challenging world.
Partnering and Networking across cultures and groups are key for building the now generation.


Prayer Station

At the Derek Walcott square in Castries Every Friday @ 4:00 to 5:30pm

From the Temporal to the Eternal !

The Prayer station is all about caring for people, being there when they need someone to listen. As people present us with their felt needs we pray for them and also allow the Spirit of God to lead us while we pray for their needs.We begin with the temporal and move to the eternal...

We listen a lot and pray. We share an encouragement as the Lord lead us.



We Emphasize on application rather thanked knowledge alone . The mission being to help participants develop their Character and relationship with God but also to empower them to live and represent the Kingdom of God wherever they find themselves.

Mercy & Compassion

We visit and serve the Homeless and the poor around Castries city on a regular basis.

The elderly and children home are also targeted from time to time. Our motivated being the call to express God’s Love, with our teams of volunteers we listen, pray, Encourage, spend time to give some company to pensioners. Most of these ministries are done in collaboration with other institutions as we don’t run one ourselves.

Join us to extend God's loving hand to the needy


Visiting Teams

You can bring or recommend a Team; We regularly welcome teams; Local and from International at our ywam base. We usually setup special ministry for our visiting teams around the Island if they don’t simply join us in an on going ministries. Some Team come with a set agenda such as retreat or other and we just help host them .
Team Ministries the we set up can involve Schools, Juvenal detention centre, Kitchen soup, Communities service, Visitation, Prayer Station and more.

We can also plan special workshop or teachings for teams depending on their need: popular topics include: Evangelism, Personal testimony, quiet time, relationship and sexuality from a Biblical perspective etc... Join us with your team! 

The Caribbean Waves Teams

Blessed to be a blessing to other beyond the 4 walls to the Nations. Equipping and facilitating those called locally or from oversea to be equip and send out from here. We will be facilitating teams to experience different flavor missions through outreaches organized to:
- support missionaries among the unreached
- skill and exchange program between christian professional from different Nations.
- support Community Development project in regional or in a remote Land: from digging wells in an Eastern Africa village, to planting trees on boundary of the Sahara desert.
- provide support to humanitarian or relief effort.


Our Volunteers are our guest they could choose to stay in any of the many stars hotels around the beautiful tourist destination that Saint Lucia represent. But by choosing to fellowship with us they grant us a unique privilege; to welcome them and serve them as well to the best of our abilities.

Make every bit of your life Count

By choosing to spend your vacation at the the YWAM Base/Campus you as guest have made a choice of making even your recreation count in the kingdom.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels
 without knowing it.
— Hebrews 13:2 

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