We run various programs such as the Discipleship Training School (DTS) January each year, the Summer Mission Adventure (two weeks in July - August each year). Outreaches are a major component in most of our programs.

New participants and volunteers are always needed for all of these ministries; click to expand and contact us for details...


What is Kid's Program all about?

A day or two each week we will minister to kids  by:
- running a kid's club a the YWAM centre
- interacting and playing with them teaching them biblical stories and principles
- helping those that need assistance for school work (after school program)in some cases in various communities
- many other programs as the lord inspires

We are praying for more volunteers and staff with a heart for children to join us to develop this ministry.

Kids enjoy play grounds but they are not very common

Our Vision: To develop the after school program, Kids clubs, and a King's Kids Ministry. We want to see a Kids Playground and/or a kids transformable truck that can be a mobile play ground driven to various communities on different days to set up a small playground in a park or open field for a few hours.

Come Join us Today!

If you have completed a YWAM DTS it will be great if not you are still welcome

What is is about ?

From the Temporal to the Eternal !

The Prayer station is all about caring for people, being there when they need someone to listen. As people present us with their felt needs we pray for them and also allow the Spirit of God to lead us while we pray for their needs.We begin with the temporal and move to the eternal...

We listen a lot and pray. We share an encouragement as the Lord lead us.
Our teams are made up of Staff and volunteers who have a passion for people well being.

We presently hold about 6 Prayer Stations every year but, our vision is to hold at least one Prayer Station every month or every week. We need short or long term volunteers to help on a regular base.

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The ministry of Prayer Station is based on the fact that we are providing an opportunity to pray for people who have a variety of needs and believing that God will hear our prayer and act on they behalf of those we pray for. Our prayer of faith then becomes to allow God to work in their lives and a starting point to share God's Love.


What is Mobile Team about?

We Visit Schools, communities, parks and more to meet the people where they are , serve them, listen to them show them God's Love not only with word... This is an on going ministry and we constantly need Volunteer to run it, but also Long term staff to expand the vision.  Those with Skill can use them such as Art in Ministry, Music, etc...

Join us Alone or with your team! 

You could help in various ways, short  term alone or with a group or long term by applying as staff or Part time  volunteer...

Why Youth?

We are committed to value Youth, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them in Their calling. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God. 
We do this by Partnering and Networking with the various existing Youth movement supporting in churches and communities but also programs such as:

Besides these activities we also bring our contribution and support to the Boys Training Center (BTC), the only Juvenile detention center on the Island when possible.


We Need Volunteer partners to help with this program: Join Us

  • To develop and implement weekly activities for the Boys 
  • To teach the boys how to play a musical instrument
  • To prepare and teach the boys other useful life skills ( this will be the precursor of our vision to develop a full Skill training centre in Saint Lucia with workshops and application centre.
  • Thanks for Joining us in this Vision !
Youth Group Performing Art in Ministry

Ministry to the homeless and Poor

We visit and serve the Homeless and the poor of Castries on a regular basis; partnering with other ministries; we listen,  pray and encourage them. Also, help practically when possible.

Ministry to the Elderly and orphans

We visit Elderly homes, Orphanage (children home) pray with them and listen to them give them some of the company they need in this season of their life.  

Because we don't run a home ourselves at this moment we partner with existing services, serving them or along side them on a weekly base or as opportunities present itself with volunteers.

Join us to extend God's loving hand to the needy


The Caribbean Waves

The Caribbean Waves is all about reaching out to individuals and empowering them to live their full potential and become a blessing to the Nations. It involves various programs of YWAM Saint Lucia:

1- Equipping from the Caribbean all those that are call Go in one way or the other, but also
2- Welcoming those (Missions Teams and individuals) that want to make the difference in the Caribbean.

Some of our programs that are presently operational are listed below; click to read more or apply directly: