Typical Volunteer Schedule

All our staff and volunteer are required to serve  a minimum 40 hours  each week (some specific ministry or department may requires more) with an available programs /ministries or departments unless pioneering Program. 


Joining YWAM Staff is a confirmation that you have sensed God's calling to join the over 18,000 full time YWAM volunteers worldwide in this exciting adventure of daring to live on the edge. You will have to raise support or build a support team comprising of friends, family or church. Click here to see our 


Once you've been accepted as staff of YWAM St. Lucia you will be living  most probably on Campus (YWAM House) with other Volunteers unless you choose not too do so, and for a good reason (for exemple Married couples) which you can discuss freely with the leadership of the base.  As it is now our small Campus has limited housing and you will be placed in a room according to availability and need. Rooms cannot be guaranteed and/or permanent and may be shared with another volunteer. At YWAM Saint Lucia we rents the property we are using presently  and it is important as Volunteers that we are good stewards to give a good testimony to our landlord. The hospitality team will do their best to value families and individuals in assigning Rooms while also looking out for the best general interest of the entire base. If you have specifics that you wish to have for your living space please feel free to discuss with us and let us know so we can discuss on how to make you feel more at home.

You will be in one of the rooms of our rented house with two or three other staff or volunteers. Bed frames and mattresses are provided but you have to come with your own bed sheets and pillow. If you would like anything more you are free to provide. Most of the housing on campus is a shared space; kitchen and living room space etc...