Short Term Volunteer

If you want to serve more than 5 contiguous months as volunteer we will require that you commit part of your time to complete a YWAM DTS (5 Months) that do include over 2 months of outreach volunteering preferably at the beginning of Your committed time. or to apply for Long term Volunteer now

You are short term Volunteer if you plan to serve full time with us for a period ranging from a few days, to a few months (usually about 4 months). Wether you have completed YWAM DTS or not you are welcome, just have to complete the form and have a person or two fill a confidential reference form for you. Your age don’t really matter; wether you are 16 or 90 , as long as you are in good health, authorized to work, have a volunteer’s heart and able to dedicate a season of your life to serve, we would love to have you at our YWAM base in Saint Lucia and become a part of our teams and volunteer program.
- This can be during your vacation or time off.
- Also if you are a students looking for an internship opportunities that will also make a difference in lives, this is the perfect place for you.
- You could be just an ordinary person (young or retired) desiring to redeem your time for a great cause. 
- Short Term Volunteer are willing to offer between a few contiguous days to a few contiguous weeks usually not exceeding 4 months once in a while to serve with us. These requirements are the same for longer term volunteer as long as they accept to complete a YWAM DTS at the beginning of their commited time.