The Mission and Discipleship 2

This Part Time course will consist of a minimum 160 hours lecture covering a period of 6 months for divided into 6 hours per week. an outreach of two to three week is expected through out the program or after completing the 160 hours lecture.    

The Mission and discipleship 2 course cover the concept develop in a Standard DTS with half of the topics the other half being cover in Mission and Discileship 1 :
Our Focus on this part two will be  "Being Useful to God"  and "Knowing God's Heart " as student special focus study throughout the 6 months associated to bible reading and application of Principles leaned and trusting God  for Character and perspective transformation.


This Discipleship & Mission 2 course is designed for persons who  :
- desire the content of the standard YWAM DTS but do not have the material time to complete a full residential course at the moment. To complete the Standard DTS content the participant should have completed the Mission and Discipleship 1 course
- desire to Grown in their relationship With Jesus Christ and are willing to follow the  program and it requirements. 
- want to experience more than just the four wall or weekly church services
- Participant should preferably be able understand, read and write at least one of the language in witch the source is provided (English )
- willing and able and committed to complete all weekly assignments
- available to make at least 6 hours each week for the courses

Participant who have completed the course on Mission and Discipleship 1  should see this one as a natural natural next step

Participants should be able to be available at least 6 hours each week (for six month) for lectures and find two to three contiguous weeks in conjunction with other participants and at their convenience during their vacation for outreach activities; for weekly activities we are  considering in Wednesday 5:30PM to 9:00 PM and Fridays 5:30 Pm to 9:00PM) 


  • 1. World Mission
  • 2. Art in Ministry/ Faith and Finances
  • 3. Being Useful to God 
  • 4. Community development and Biblical WorldView:Discipling nation Vision conference 5. Children Ministry 
  • 6. Worship & prayer
  • 7. Intercessory prayer
  • 8. Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
  • 9. Knowing Gods's Heart
  • 10. Team Building, dynamics Conflict Resolution, the roots and fruits of pride
  • 11. Making Jesus Lord, Relinquishing rights the
  • 12. Spiritual warfare
  • 13. God's calling and Vision
  • 14. Destiny by Design


Teaching will be presented either directly by available or visiting missionaries, live streaming or video tapes resources.


Six YWAM UofN LCU credits (use in part times and extension studies programs) will be given for this course with satisfactory completion of both Lecture and outreach.