More About Part Time Live in Volunteers


- Live in community on the YWAM Campus

- be willing to participate to participate to periodical community or family gathering such as morning devotion or social time as well as on base volunteer meetings 

- having previously completed a YWAM program is preferable to understand our values and regulation but most important thing is to be teachable, flexible and willing to grow in your christian walk in a family like setting.

- Accept to follow YWAM values and base regulations at all time.

- accept to be accountable to leadership


just as for all volunteers the commitment could be

- Short term: less than 3 months

- Medium term: 4month to 2 years

- Long Term : 3 years and more

OBLIGATIONS of all live in volunteers:

- contribute a weekly or monthly Room and board volunteer fees as indicated in advance

- like all YWAM volunteers all part time volunteer wether the are off Campus or live in must raise their own personal support and pay for all personal extra expenses. while living on base

- Contribute or participate in raising support  in one way or the other for ministry related expenses 

- participate in keeping your living environment clean and safe for all

- if leading the ministry Commit to submit a report of ministry being accomplished and discuss outcome with base leadership or ministry team.

Volunteer rights

- The YWAM campus will do all possible to provide an acceptable living environment to the volunteer in the community: water, sanitation etc...

- one main meal and two basic meal daily

- the ywam campus will set up activity to encourage a holistic development of all on campus volunteer


- We recommend all  our volunteer to take ywam training to get familiarized with our values

- as much possible we will recommend part Time volunteer to also take our part Time Mission and Discipleship Training School (MDTS) or a full time DTS