More About Part Time Off Campus Volunteers


- live off YWAM base

- be willing to participate to periodical Staff and volunteers meetings: periodicity can vary depending of area of service for example an off campus volunteer committed in a weekly ministry may be require to attend a weekly debrief or preparation meeting mean while a part time volunteer involve in Accounting may just participate in a monthly or quarterly meeting as the team leader require or reporting needs require.

- do not have to complete a formal YWAM DTS but be a committed Disciple of Jesus and accept to follow YWAM values and regulations.


just as for all volunteers the commitment could be

- Short term: less than 3 months

- Medium term: 4month to 2 years

- Long Term : 3 years and more


- like all YWAM volunteer raise your own personal support and pay for all personal expenses

- Contribute or participate in raising support  in one way or the other for ministry related expenses 

- if leading the ministry Commit to submit a report of ministry being accomplished and discuss outcome with base leadership or ministry team.


- We recommend all  our volunteer to take YWAM training to get familiarized with our values.

- as much possible we will recommend part Time volunteer to also take our part Time Mission and Discipleship Training School (MDTS)