Example of possible property Available on the market now

Possibility 1:
This colonial style property of about 1acre with magnificent view on the Caribbean sea will be a great fit for a YWAM base; Office, Hospitality centre and more
Cost: just about US$ 600, 000 noting is too  expensive for our Great God. 

Possibility 2:
A property in rural area with 7 acres banana farm with a house this farm can serve as ywam base to develop Skill Training centre and other workshop for youth Development; price asked.
Cost: asking about 550,000US$ 

Possibility 3:
A property in rural area about 2 acre of farm land with a house with two 2 bedroom apartment downstair and one 3 bedroom room apartment upstairs. near the highway
Cost: a of US$ 300 000

Possibility 4:
This Building on property of about 1acre near mall and Marina Rodney bay with with two 2 bedroom apartment downstair and one 3 bedroom room apartment upstairs. YWAM base; Office, Hospitality centre, training and more
Cost: just about US$ 600, 000 noting is too  expensive for our Great God. 

Curent Challenges

Currently we spend about  US$ 2000 Monthly (Over Ec$ 5000) to rent de Property from where we operate, housing our Family of 3, other full time staff when available, teams arriving from time, Programs, Trainings and Short Term Volunteers when they show up. We have to rent additional houses in the vicinity if needed of the curent house or event Guest houses in order to house very large groups (beyond 16 Peoples at one time).


This situation limit our ability to welcome new staff, short term volunteers, teams or families.
This also cause us to spend must of the finances raised through various means and voluntary donation (almost 50 % ) in rent without expectation of owning the house or property at anytime.

- This situation also limit our ability to development existing ministry or engage in new ones especially those that can help us become more self sufficient and sustainable on the long run (small modern pilot garden project etc...)  

Temporary needs:

An abandon property for sale in Saint Lucia

An abandon property for sale in Saint Lucia

We need to raise about US$ 2,500 and per month to help with the rent of a reasonable size temporary campus. to house about 3 small family, 5 singles staff and the continual flow of short term volunteers.

With about 20 commitment of US$ 100 per month added to our actual volunteer contributions, we can reach this goal. Engaging in a long term property acquisition plan where the monthly rent is used instead to settle a longterm mortgage plan. giving us the flexibility to develop the ministry by investing in the long term.    

Why do we need a property for YWAM in Saint Lucia

For the long term development of the Ministry of YWAM Saint Lucia that will include:
- a training centre with classrooms,
- a dormitories
- Workshops field for pilots projects
- Sport and recreation facilities etc...

A Property of 3 to 10 acres (1.5 to 4 hectares) should be enough. we have faith for a miracle provision.

Fulfilling The Vision

To respond to the call of God to be a front of the Caribbean wave 

We are believing God to see develop here in Saint Lucia a Holistic Apostolic discipleship community centre Including among other: 

  1. A training Component where trainings such as: DTS, SBS, Community development, with environment and renewable energy focus etc… integrated to the UofN Network, with Skill and Vocational centre

  2. A small skill training centre with pilot project, production unit integrating: Renewable energy, Aquaponic and Hydroponic systems, workshops. Resources generated will allow the YWAM Base to progressively cut down it's running cost, becoming sustainable.

  3. A resource centre Including a Library

  4. A Children ministry and centre (king’s Kids) with educational and recreational infrastructure fixe and mobile

  5. A Caribbean Wave centre welcoming, equipping and sending teams of volunteers from all nations to were ever the needs are in the nations

What could be develop long term

On a 3 to 10 acres Property to serve as YWAM Saint Lucia Centre: the development can be made in multiple phases (3 to 5) with the final project including:

  • A 30 to 40 beds dormitory for on- campus single students, staff and volunteers but also a quarter for youth at risk that need to be equip in skills for life a discipleship environment.

  • 5 or more small housing apartments for about small families (students or staff)

  • 2 to 3 small Class room for training (Discipleship Training School, Community Development, Missions and more.) each average 20 students each

  • 2 Workshops for skills training, maintenance, renewable energy, etc...

  • A small Conference hall that can hold about 100 persons

  • 2 small apartment to extend hospitality or a place where missionaries on break or passing by can rest.

  • A Kitchen and refectory

  • A multi sports area

  • A Kids play ground

  • Two prayer room

  • A main office apartment

  • A small to medium size pilot farm (1 to 3 acres) that can serve as training farm and supply some of the nutritional needs of the base, The farm can also serve as rehabilitation for person in need but also an organic production unit