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Areas of Service

As a New YWAM Base there are a lot of opportunities available for Staff. We are a pioneering location and therefore, we are looking for persons that are flexible and willing start new or integrate into a new team. All our staff opportunities are Voluntary service Without Pay from a human employer, but with heavenly and eternal rewards.

Communication staff:

Communication staff:

Communication staff: including Network, IT & Web design


Visiting Guest

One of the YWAM values is Hospitality; we will alway do all our possible to welcome friends,  supporters and other Guest interested in spending some time with us at YWAM Saint Lucia. from a few days to a few weeks.

Guest can decide to spend some of their vacation time with us or just a few days to encourage in either case you will be welcome as much as our accommodation allow it.

Guest Schedule :

Our Guest can set their time table to eat and socialized with us or simply  visit the many neighboring restaurant around the base on their own.

If Interested our community breakfast is usually taken together between at 7:30  and 8:30, followed by a short devotion between 8:30 and 9:15 then lunch  at 12:30 and diner at 6:00pm; Guests are welcome/encourage to join us. 

Visiting Guest may not always fit into this establish program since they may be around with a different focus... but in any case let us know in advance.


Our guest like the volunteers will be housed in one of our rooms with multiple beds or bunk beds. You will probably be sharing the room with other volunteers or students of the same gender unless you are here when others are on vacation or off. If you are single, you will likely have roommates.
Couples need to let us know in advance as they may have their own room but, may have to share a common bathroom and living rooms with others where they can gather for fellowship.

We will work with families to find the best suited setting for them and depending on the availability of Housing in that season. Our vision is to become a family friendly Campus with a playground and other amenities for children as God Provide.

A coin-fed laundry machine is available at the base (local EC$ coins only) as well as a WIFI Network accessible with a voucher purchase at our office at a reasonable cost to support the ministry.

Important: for safety and cultural sensibility bellow are some recommendation living at our YWAM compound:

- no open flames or smoking in the YWAM compound
- alcohol beverage is discourage on the YWAM Compound
- be sensitive to others convictions and their well-being


There is a no application fee for Guest however your travel, communication, Recreation, and laundry expenses are your responsibility.

You will be expected to pay a contribution fee before arrival (see Volunteer's fees Schedules), for the duration of your time here.



A few Opportunities to serve Part Time With Us

Click on any of the opportunities below to read more about

Book keeping

Book Keeping Accounting and Yearly Financial Audit

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

Help with Preparing Projects Proposals and Fund raising

Communication, Public relation, Office Procedures

Communication, Public relation, Office Procedures

Help with Communication, Public relationship office procedures


Volunteer to make your Skill & expertise available whatever it is...

Translation: French, Spanish, German and any Other; Web Design etc...


What is this about

- You are Artist, or just just preparing to be one...

- You love Performing Art and celebration

- You want to Use Art in Ministry

At our young YWAM base we want to spend substantial and consistent time weekly to celebrate God and invite His presence in our midst. You can be part of it but also take it to another level as we envision to see more God fearing Artist who will help Champion the movement of redeeming this Island rich artistic culture for the Glory of it's Creator.

Also, as we minister to young people we encounter a number of them desiring to learn Art and musical instruments someone willing to teach will be also welcome

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Celebration Worship.JPG

What is expected from a DTS Staff

DTS Staff don't have to be perfect in any of the requirements presented here but, they mainly need the disposition to be willing to learn and grow in all off them. Like DTS students, staff go through the whole process, they have to be ready : to learn and serve, setting an example for everything that is being expected as outcome of the program

DTS Lecture session

DTS Lecture session

- be prepared to lead small groups, Bible study or discussions

- integrate well in a team with other staff and students

- flexible and willing to go the extra mile

- Go with the students to outreach including cross cultural.

- Conduct a one and one

- share his personal testimony

doesn't have to be perfect but, can learn in the process as well

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What is it about?

- You can Help in the Kitchen

- Whether you have culinary skills or not, you are a chef or not... 

- You may not be able to cook but are willing to learn or help the person in charge

- You are willing to help keep the YWAM base center clean, organized, to facilitate other ministries and give  Glory to God

- Moping, sweeping scrubbing, washing etc...

Short term and Long term volunteer are welcome to help

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kitchen volunteer7.jpg

Living in a digital era

- Videos and photos production

- Graphic design

- Social media

- Networking

- Web and more

We don't want to just follow we want to be creative and spearhead tools to reach the least reached and complete the last tack. we want to train and setup a training centre for youth

No matter what skill you have join us and let us reach this generation

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What is it about?

- We are looking for some one who will be planning to help of this aspect of the Caribbean waves Ministry and taking cross cultural outreaches to various part of the World from The Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. The staff will will need to have a heart for Mission Mobilization and Serving the Nations and their peoples.

- He/She Will mobilized persons from all works of life to set up teams of professionals, medical teams, business teams, construction teams or simply church or youth group teams

- Prepare them and help boost the the teams dynamic through a period of time define in advance, either directly or via video conferencing

- Travel with or set the team on for a two to four weeks outreach on set dates agree on by teams members   

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DTS Outreach.JPG

What is this about ?

- Fixing various stuff around the base and as we minister, 

- Building bunk bed, chairs, drawer etc...

- Maintaining the Ground,

- Servicing our van and more

We alway need some one around, while being part of the YWAm family you can help us in various way and so doing reduce the load on other volunteer so that they can serve with more commitment

Wether you are willing to commit short term or long term you are welcome. Mission Builders are away welcome...

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Volunteer and mission Builder maintenance.jpg

What does the work consist of?

- help setup basic office procedures

- book keeping

- Secretary : prepare document for review

- Public relations: prepare communication with partners

- Data entry

- Fundraising

We need a persons that can help us organize our Administration system and have it run smoothly preferably a full time staff but will consider some tasks for short term volunteers.

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Office work.jpg

We want to see people from all walks of life volunteer to go and be a blessing to others no matter what Nation it is in. 

Some of our potential outreach locations include: Central America, South America, West Africa, Southern Africa, Central Europe etc... When we receive at least 7 candidates application, we will start Team building session, at least 12 to 6 months before departure. Apply and indicate the dates you can be available.

Team building session may start online by video conferencing and continue as the date comes close up by a few bonding meetings.


Who and in what area

Skilled Individual or professional  in the area such as: 
    + Communication, IT,
+ Web and Translation
+ Public Relation
    + Graphic design
+ Video production
    + Fund Raising
    + Book keeping, and Financial audit
    + Construction
    + Project/Proposal development
+ Add Legal matters

- Organizations , Institutions, Ministry and Churches
    + Ministry, Mentorship /Discipleship Opportunities with your organization
    + Community resources persons or “man/woman of peace” to connect with in communities implementing development Projects


Partner can help punctually as the need arises or on a regular base as it suit their disposition. Partners can serve or offer the opportunity to serve alongside them or other institutions....  

Partner can also Help as volunteer - consultant


Team Opportunity

if you have a church team, youth, or school team looking for opportunities for a mission outreach YWAM SL will do one or all the following depending of your need:

  •  welcome your team
  • setup ministries and training or appropriate premonitory workshop,
  • organize or assist in organizing room and board or finding the  right  accommodation.
  • organize or assist in organizing transportation and air port pickup and drop off
  • complete the team application now and provide us with the info needed to assist you

Long Term Full Time Staff

Do you have a heart to see a YWAM centre established in an Island Nation of the Caribbean? If you have previously completed a DTS, and feel God is calling you to continue in Youth With A Mission full-time, we’d love you to consider joining our team.

As we are in the pioneering stages, we are looking for highly motivated, flexible people, willing to roll up their sleeves and serve in whatever ways are needed, willing to walk in faith for personal and ministry provision and wanting to be a part of an exciting adventure as we build the foundations of permanent YWAM presence in the simply Beautiful island of Saint Lucia.

We have specific needs for DTS staff, evangelism and prayer team, administrative skills, worship leader, Children Ministry, maintenance, communication  etc as well as future opportunities for second level school leaders and staff. If you have an area of service/ministry not mentioned above, please contact us.

Important:– you must be prepared to raise your own financial support. Youth With A Mission has no paid employees. We will help or encouragement in what ever way possible.

Requirement: for Long Term and Full Time Staff you must have previously completed a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) 

Contact  us for application or questions you may have 

Please be advise that our base, and all the opportunities existing , are at an early development stage. Applicants should come with an open mind prepared to face the challenges of pioneering. Applicants should ideally be self-motivated, have a clear conviction of God’s leading and work on a financial and spiritual support base before joining YWAM’s volunteering work force. For people applying for long-term volunteering positions, a minimum financial support level and a probation period of 3 months is set for the benefit of both the new Volunteer and YWAw saint Lucia

Saint Lucia YWAM.jpg

Passionate to make an impact on your generation? Want to see transformation initiated by God around you? Youth With A Mission Saint Lucia is here for you!






















- follow the menu on the fridge








- Preparation & serving Breakfast








- Cleanup & organize (Stove, table, floor counter  pans, pots & dishes








  • Clean, fill up water filter & cooler
  • place ice in the cooler,.








- Garbage disposal kitchen if full








-fill ice-cream bucket with filter water to place in the freezer for next day








  • sweep floor








wash dishes dry and put away dishes


















  • Follow menu on the fridge
  • Preparation Lunch








- Serving Lunch








- clean & wipe stove oven & counter & organize (Stove, table, floor counter)








- Garbage disposal kitchen








- Put away all un-used dishes (pans & pot, dishes).

















Lunch clean-up

- Wipe tables counter,








- weep floor,








-Wash dishes dry and put away dishes,








-Place dirty kitchen towels in the indicated recipient for cleaning


















  • Follow menu on the fridge
  • Preparation & serving








- clean & wipe stove oven & counter, & organize (Stove, table, floor counter)








- put away all un-used dishes (pans & pot dishes),








- Garbage disposal sealed & place out

















Dinner clean-up:

-Wipe counter,








-Sweep and map floor,








-Wash dishes dry and put away dishes








- Tied up kitchen garbage and place in the drum outside when needed








- Place dirty kitchen towels in the indicated recipient for cleaning

















Other Kitchen tasks

- Cleaning & organizing cupboards








- Finalized shopping List








- Shopping








- Meal & recipe planning & or approval

















Living Room, Corridor & other

Public Area

- Sweep floor and/mats Mop & vacuum when possible, disinfect living room & corridors








- Once a week or when needed mop porch








- Clean disinfect & organize furniture (table, chairs, cupboards garbage bin ) at  their original position








- Remove spider web and dust from furnitures








- Return any item found to it due location


















Bathroom Cleaning

if less than 5 persons using, clean Two to Three time weekly otherwise clean daily

- Spray disinfectant on sink, mirror, bathroom seat, bowl (outer) and coverI floor.








- Spray bleach in toilet bowl








- Use sponge wash sink and mirror








- Use cloth to wash bathroom seat and outer toilet bowl








-Use toilet bowl brush to brush inside the toilet bowl








- Replace hand towels and wash & disinfect old








- Scrub, Clean & disinfect sinks &   , toilet bowl








- Sweep & Mop floor , 








- Tie and dispose garbage bag, place in the drum outside for disposal (once a week or when full)








- Replace hand towels and wash & disinfect old








- Verify and restock bathroom supplies (toilet paper, hand washing soap in the dispenser, hand towel)








- Wash dirty hand towel and place it to dry on the line outside or place them in the basket outside to wash later








- Replace floor mats








- Wash used Floor’s mats / towels








-Take in dry hand towels and fold them at the indicated storage location








- remove or ask individuals to remove all personal laundry (towels etc… from public toilet)

















Shower Cleaning

- Spray shower with bleach on shower wall and floor let it sit for a few minutes








- Wash shower curtains &/or replace








- Scrub Shower’s walls & floor








- Wash used Floor’s mats / towels








- Remove all obstructions from the waste water exit (eg: hairs, etc.. and dispose in garbage bin)








- Remove or ask individuals to remove all personal laundry (towels etc… from public toilet








- Replace floor mats

















Laundry areas & Garage Cleaning

- Sweep and mop where possible








- Clean & organized everything, keep cloths folded and organized on the shelf, dry mop and bucket organized mop and








- return any item found to it due location

















Landscaping, Yard, garden & Garbage disposal

(Landscaping, Cleaning, Compost, Garden, Base Environment Report)

- Maintain Lawn short and beautiful racked








- Maintenance/care of Small garden








- Plant & maintain flowers








- Trim tree and shrubs








- Care for compost pile








- make sure all garbages from rooms Kitchen and bathroom have been disposed before the set day








- Place in Garbage drum outside gate early in the morning 7:00AM on the set day








- Cleanup around Base








- Supervise general clean up








- Take back drum inside the gate after garbage was collected








- When necessary clean and dis-infect garbage drum at least once every other week.








collect stone from yard and gamer on one spot








Level hole and bumps from lawn

















General Maintenance
(Clean, Maintain, Inventory, Storage, Repair, Track Use, Report)


- Clean dust from all fans and oil them once a month at least








- Clean Windows








- Clean dirty spot on walls








- Control and make small repairs








- Make sure small equipment and clean and store appropriately


























- Vehicle Cleaning : outside & wheels








- Vehicle inside Cleaning & vacuum








- Vehicle mechanical control








- Track millage and record








- Assure registration and on time Insurance renewal








- Make sure users/Driver follow directives

















IT & Network

- Assist in Base Communication








- IT & computer Network at the Base








- Web/blog/social site Update

















Media and communication

- Prepare or design Idea for Media communication








- Prepare draft Update and newsletters








- follow up on communication in and out








- Update Database and contacts








- Keep record of Meetings

















Office : (Administration Secretary & Library )

- Clean Up








- Organized setting and Work flow








- Library keeping & records








- Prepare & respond to basic communications


















- Bill payments








- Petty cash entry and record keeping








- Book keeping entry








- Prepare updated report to help in decision making








- Prepare and send Invoices and reminders


















- Prepare guest  rooms








- Social time planning








- Guest Book record








- Plan other recreation event or activities

















Snack Shop

- Book store








- Snackshop








- Souvenir sale

















Other Base Ministry

- Plan and lead base group workout








- Lead Bible reading time








- Prepare and Lead Worship Time








- Prepare and Lead Intercession








- Prepare & Lead Bible study  time








- One & one and pastoral care








- Fund raising & Public relation








- Children Ministry








- Mobilization

















Other tasks

- Verify light off/on in public area on set times








- Unplug/plug & safety of electrics








- Verify safety doors & gates at set times








- Driving