Who and in what area

- Any Persons who
   + Can pray with us for us or our Volunteers
   + Can Support Projects, ministry or Volunteer Financially
   + Can join any of our ministry, to implement specific Community development projects...
   + Can give advises in any area to help us be more effective and productive
   + Is willing or know someone willing to help or advise

- Skill persons or professional  in the following area: 
    + Communication and IT
    + Public relation
    + Legal matters
    + Land tenure and land acquisition, real estate
    + Project/Proposal writing
    + Fund Raising
    + Book keeping, and Financial audit
    + Construction
    + Agriculture project
    + Team player

- Organizations , Institutions, Ministry and Churches
    + Evangelism and Discipleship Partners
    + Community resources persons to connect with for community development Projects
    + Support Projects ministry or Volunteer Financially 


Partner can help punctually as the need arises or on a regular base as it suit their disposition. Partners can serve or offer the opportunity to serve with them or their institution....  

Please let us know when you are available ministry but also some time to teach in a program even if it is an hour for a year.