Part Time live in or on base Volunteer

You are in this category if you are residing at the YWAM Campus while dedicating between 3 hours and 5 hours  daily  for about 5 or 6 days per week to serve with us either in practical ways or in any other ministry within or outside the YWAM Campus.
The duration of the Commitment can range from short term (a few weeks) to long term (years) if the YWAM campus accommodation is available. We Encourage our Part Time Volunteers to consider taking some of our Part Time Training if  possible.

Possible Area of service Available

- Evangelism and visitation,

- Children ministry, /Kids club etc...

- Prayer Station and Intercession

- Compassion Ministry : Homeless / needy

- Worship and Celebration

- Mobilization ( churches and others)

- School Ministry

- Youth Ministry,

- Teaching, or preaching in and out campus

- etc...

Practical Ministry or service

Volunteers may  also serve in more specialized or practical area area of ministry such as:

- Accounting

- Communication

- Kitchen,

- house keeping,

- Maintenance, lawn, Gardening,   

- IT

- Construction

- or other,

All these ministries or services  help the expansion of the Kingdom through the vision of  YWAM saint Lucia in one way or the other