Each of the course will require a minimum 6 Hours Per weeks for 25 to 27 weeks  for at least two day per week:
6:00 PM to 9:00 Pm
The exact days of the week will be decided at the 1st meeting with the accepted students.

To complete the full standard DTS Lecture phase curriculum participant have to complete the two course MDTS1 and MDTS2

YWAM Part Time Training

Until recently most YWAM Training Programs including the Life changing DTS have been exclusively full time - live in programs-

If you are busy working everyday and unable to be part of a Full Time and live in training like our DTS at the moment... then part time is for you !

We have put in place  modules including similar content with nearly the same curriculum on a part time schedule, with less of the live in components to allow busy people to be able to benefit from it... 

Because this program also intends to mobilize and sensitize on World Missions, it will develop  some aspects of Global Missions and strategies that is normally only developed in some YWAM second level courses.

- The training will take place 6 hours per week and cover the following areas:

I. God’s Nature and Character: Encountering God
II. God’s Intentions for Individuals, Peoples, and Nations: Seeing all of Life from God’s Perspective
III. God’s Redemption: Sin and the Cross: Recognizing Jesus as Lord
IV. God’s Family: His Children & His Church: Becoming More Like Jesus
V. God’s World: His Call & His Commission: Doing the Works of Jesus
VI. YWAM: A Response to God; Knowing God and Making Him Known

Divided in two Training Mission and Discipleship 1 and Mission and Discipleship 2

- Outreach will take place  after or during training: on weekends or during vacation timeapply now or read more on the link below. The Program is planned to Start by March 15th 2017. Click on any of the courses below to read more about the specific.


Six YWAM UofN LCU credits (used in part times and extension studies programs) will be given for each of these Training with satisfactory completion of both Lecture and Outreach.