Volunteer Part Time

If you have a full time Job and you are wondering how to Help or put your Skills to use With YWAM Saint Lucia, Volunteering Part Time is an option for you.  

Part Time Volunteer with us can either live outside the YWAM campus and be responsible of their own accommodation or Live in the YWAM campus and share all accommodations in a community like life style, depending on the availability of the accommodation.

This can take place on a long term basis or on a short term basis such as during your vacation when you use some of the time or a few hours daily to invest in Mission through the ministry of YWAM Saint Lucia or other ministry that we can set up for you in the community.

We Encourage our Part Time Volunteers to consider taking some of our Part Time Training if  possible.

in some cases Part Part Time Volunteer can offer their services online such as for translation, web maintenance communication etc...