Financial Policy for volunteer living off YWAM Base

A volunteer full time or Part Time is considered OFF Campus if he /she is living in an apartment that is not paid or under the responsibility of YWAM SL.

Beside their ministry, off campus volunteer should consider supporting the ministry as a way to show commitment and solidarity.

Financial contribute of off Campus volunteer to the life of the ministry can be on an arrangement  base on a number of considerations  such as for example the average number of meals taken daily/weekly/monthly at the YWAM base and other possible needs and  obligations of the Ministry in general.
For example: an off campus volunteer coming on base 5 days per week and taking on average a community meal like lunch each time with other as this will be appropriate for fellowship should consider a 10 to 13 EC$(US$ 3.8 to 4.9) per meal X 5 time per week X 4 week per month that is  an estimate of 200 to 260EC$(US$76 to 98) per month