Sample Weekly Menu on Campus

MONDAY Baked Oatmeal, Fruit*,Tea & Milk Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Cucumbers Veggie Rice, Ground Provision (when available), Lentil Stew Salad Soak Beans, Thaw chicken in fridge
TUESDAY Bread & Jam, Fruit*, Tea & Milk Lentil Soup with Coconut Dumplings Rice,,Ground provision(when available), Beans, Chicken, Green Salad Thaw ground meat in fridge
WEDNESDAY F A S T I N G + Prayer F A S T I N G + Prayer Spaghetti and meat sauce, Salad Prepare coconut milk for callaloo, mix flour for dumplings.
THURSDAY Fried or boiled eggs, Toast, Fruit*, Tea & Milk Soup, Garlic Bread Spinach/Callaloo with Rice or Dumplings Soak Beans, Thaw Chicken Mix flour for bakes, (store in fridge)
FRIDAY Oatmeal Porridge Fruit*, Tea & Milk Bakes and Saltfish Rice, Ground Provisions (when available),,Beans, Chicken, Salad Thaw Chicken
SATURDAY Pancakes & Syrup, Tea & Fruit* Hot dogs Cucumber slices Green Figs Salad,,Fried Chicken, Lettuce and Carrots Salad Thaw Chicken, Soak Beans
SUNDAY Cold Cereal, Fruit*,,Tea & Milk Macaroni stir fry, potatoes Chicken, Beans, Salad Egg Salad Sandwiches cucumber slices Make Baked Oatmeal for Monday Breakfast
* Fruits are usually Banana or other local fruits when in seasons
** Dinner is often taken together