Who is Typical Short Term Volunteer

You are a typical Short term Volunteer if you plan to serve full time with us for a period ranging from a few days, to a few months (usually about 3 months). wether you have completed YWAM DTS or not you are welcome.

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 80, in good health, have a volunteer’s heart and able to dedicate one to three months of your time, we would love to have you come to Saint Lucia and become a part of our volunteer program.
- This can be during your days off if you are working or during vacation.
- Also if you are a students looking for an internship opportunities.
- You could be just an ordinary person (young or retired) desiring to redeem your time for a great cause. 
- You are ready to invest your vacation or a few weeks or days off to serve,  in such cases you will be offering from a few contiguous days to a few contiguous weeks usually not exceeding 3 months once in a while to serve with us.