Summer Mission Adventure

Our Summer program is part of the Caribbean Wave Right here in Beautiful Saint Lucia, 2 weeks to deepened your relationship with God and to grow in serving others. TWO DYNAMIC GOD CENTERED WEEKS that do not neglect recreation; with teachings, games, evangelism, sports, adventure, and more for Age group 16 and over we can accept 14 years old, but contact us.

Our Summer program is more than a simple Summer Camp it is a mission oriented recreation and training  held for two weeks. it is a mission experience but also a time of renewal for all persons involved. To Know God for those who need to, Serve those in Need, or Simply deepen your relation with God and meet new people. 

Ideal for Individuals:

– for Refreshment emotional and spiritual...
– to bring out the full potential God placed in you !
– opportunities to serve !
– to grow in different aspects of life !
– to see God’s Love reach the people of the caribbean !
– Let God use you to extend His love to those in need !
– just want to see life differently for a season, or use your vacation to volunteer your time and Share God’s Love with Those who need it the most !!!

Ideal for Teams

For you or your team there is nothing such as mission experience with our Summer Program to impact you as much! You will be impressed by the way God will impact the lives of your group, whether you are a church group, students, youth or other ..!

If you want to come for a short term mission trip or bring a short-term team to the Caribbean (Saint Lucia) but the Summer program model doesn’t fit you or your group due to dates or contents, we can setup a customized mission Adventure for you! Just contact us and we will see how we can work it out.

Some of the possible Ministry and Activity options  Available during this Summer Program are :

– Island tour
– Volunteer service to the poor and persons in need
– Sport: football,jogging, gymnastic, etc…
– Beach and park outing
– Bible study and morning devotionals

– Evangelism (creative)
– Open air
- Farm Visit

– Churches visit
– Dramas
– Performing Art

– Creative intersession and prayer
– Practical ministry, community service and more.
– Praise and worship
– Etc…

A Few of the Teaching Themes That could be provided during this Summer Program are :

– Life of a disciple
– Personal book keeping
– Quiet time with God
– Personal testimony evangelism
– Relationship
– Team dynamics
- Destiny and Purpose