Terms & Policies

All volunteers/staff, students, guest or personnel of YWAM Saint Lucia are required to understand and accept the terms and policies explained on this page.


YWAM ‘s main ministry calling is to make disciples, therefore our YWAM campus/base is primarily a missionary base not a guest house or hotel.  Our YWAM base (see facilities below) includes a large compound of two leased houses used to implement what we call a discipleship community. Volunteers, missionaries and guests who contribute and share our living environment are committed to uphold biblical principles as individuals, families and a group in order to create an environment where all, including new students and guests, can grow in their walk with God and develop a godly character. Every guest and volunteer accepting to live on the YWAM campus must be called (or should agree to) to abide by these principles. These principles will also apply to locations off base or off island when YWAM programs require movement to other places.


All YWAM Volunteers (full time and part time/residents or not) are required to:
- Read and commit to the YWAM foundational values and beliefs
- Complete and submit an application form corresponding to your ministry preference
- Have at least one referee complete and submit a confidential reference form for you. YWAM may request additional referees or paper work depending on the type of ministry you are applying for.
- Commit to contribute toward your ministry expenses and pay all your bills as outlined by the terms of commitment indicated on your application form or a separate written communication. 
- Commit to find an amicable solution to any disagreements, conflicts, and misunderstandings during your term of ministry in accordance with biblical peace making principles in Matthew 18:15-17 and Matthew 5:23-24

- Receive a formal acceptance letter or email from the YWAM leadership as  response to  your application. 


As volunteer staff or guest you are required to:

  • Be enrolled in your own personal medical insurance that covers your health needs and includes repatriation in case of illness/emergency during or after your commitment at YWAM Saint Lucia(on island and other).

  • Consult your physician before arriving to make sure that all your required immunizations are up to date during your time of service with us in St. Lucia. Because of the type of ministries we are involved in and the living conditions encountered during some of our outreach ministries, we also recommend volunteers have up to date immunizations for community life.


We encourage all volunteers and guests to consider their options carefully before committing to serve, since we have a no refund policy for fees paid in advance by short term volunteers and guests.

For volunteers participating in our training programs (DTS, Summer Adventure, MDTS), the withdrawal and/or cancelation policies outlined by the specific training ministry will be followed.  Please contact the appropriate ministry/program leader for specific policies.


Foreign nationals arriving in Saint Lucia are often granted a 6 week visitor stamp in their passport with no right to work. This is usually the case for North American and West European nationals. For those coming for short- or long-term volunteer service, it may also be necessary to obtain a work permit exemption. The application process for a work permit exemption requires the applicant to receive, fill out and return the appropriate paper work to YWAM St Lucia at least one month before arrival on the island. It is your responsibility to send us the completed and signed work permit exemption application form (different from your volunteer application) along with any other required documents in a timely manner so that we can file it with the appropriate government ministry. 

If you require assistance with airport pick-up upon arrival in St. Lucia, please send us a copy of your flight itinerary and make sure that we have received your fees by dates indicated (including airport pick up fees) before your arrival day. 


The property presently serving as YWAM Base in St. Lucia is rented and located a 4 minute walk from one of the most beautiful beaches (Reduit Beach, Rodney bay) in St. Lucia. The facility includes a main building and a separate apartment (used by the base leader and his family). 

- The main building consists of four bedrooms used as dorms that can house up to 14 people; 2.5 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room,  small class room and large balcony and yard spaces.
Our normal training programs take in about 7 to 10 students , leaving options to house a few additional single volunteers/staff or guests. If a couple or family shows interest in coming  we can review the housing configuration in order to accommodate them.

For special programs like the summer adventure program, we can house up to 20 persons by using tents in the yard and porch.

Please remember that YWAM St. Lucia is not a hotel or a guest house but we will make sure that all our dorm rooms include at least one of the following:

  • Bunk Bed or mattress for each occupant

  • A ceiling or standing fan

  • Mosquito net at least on the windows 

  • A local coin operated washing machine (uses local coins to operate).

  • WIFI access via your social media (facebook, instagram or twitter) credentials.

NB: If your application is accepted, please take the time to carefully read the Information list we will send to all volunteers. This will help you know what you should including in your packing before coming to the base.