My time with YWAM St Lucia was life changing and transforming. I grew deeper in God, I learnt more clearly how to hear His voice in the different ways He speaks. He also proved Himself to me as Provider. That was one of the greatest lessons. He provides. Through the ywam DTS, I also learnt to be flexible and adaptable so I can function in any situation I am placed in. I learnt how to live with and love others from different backgrounds and share in their culture. God’s greatest desire is for all of us to have relationship with Him, and DTS helped me to develop that.
— Denielle Williams (DTS Student 25: Jamaica)

I am Staff at YWAM Caxias do Sul, Brazil.
I did my DTS in YWAM Saint Lucia, it was a great cultural and financial adventure.
It started when I made up my mind to go by Faith. God honored my obedience and blessed me, everything in the kingdom of heaven is done by faith , what a blessing it was to be in another culture, the main thing is to listen to the voice of God and to know who we are in Him, obviously God uses people, but it is always best to remain connected to the source. The DTS is a special time aside to approach God, to lear new things, and to practice the “GO” Written in Mark 16:15.
As Spurgeon said: Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.
— Caleb Pedroso, ( DTS student 18: Brasil)

Through my DTS at YWAM St.Lucia i was able to learn how to spend quality time with God. This has positively affected my daily life until today. I was also able to experience how God can use me to touch and encourage other people’s life.


Au travers de mon école de disciple à JEM St.Lucie j’ai pu apprendre comment passer du temps de qualité avec Dieu. Cela a énormément enrichi ma vie quotidienne jusqu’à aujourd’hui. J’ai également pu expérimenter comment Dieu peut m’utiliser pour toucher et encourager d’autres vies.


Durch meine Jüngerschaftsschule bei JMEM St.Lucia durfte ich lernen wie ich qualitative Zeit mit Gott verbringen kann. Dies hat mein alltägliches Leben seither enorm bereichert. Ich durfte auch erleben wie Gott mich brauchen kann, um andere Leben zu berühren und zu ermutigen.
— Sephora Amstutz (DTS Students 19: Switzerland)


Through YWAM’s programs I was able to walk in full confidence, knowing exactly who I am and how valuable I am when I got to know of who God really was and experienced His unconditional love for myself.
— Merlisha Ray (Student & Volunteer 20 : St. Lucia)

Manessa (Volunteer)

While Serving with YWAM Saint Lucia, the trust placed in me really encouraged me and build my self confidence, my faith and the use of my gifts.
I also learn how God Love and use the time to work in us; I learned to share my convictions, sharing but also to receive from others. Serving in the streets, at the juvenile detention centre was alway a time to give and receive while sharing the Love of God with others it helpped me grow in Love from the Creator perspective.
— Evodie Jean Baptiste (Volunteer 22: France)

Merle (volunteer, USA)

It’s a beautiful experience when you know God is leading you in a particular direction, following that lead and seeing the rewards of it. ...
My experience was a wonderful one and I do believe God wanted me there at that particular time. One of my biggest struggles was poor self esteem, poor self confidence, poor self image and not loving me enough for what I look like and who I am. Also the fact that there’s nothing I could do more or less for God to love me. This was dealt with when we did the topic ‘The Father Heart of God’
— Kerima Antoine: DTS Student


Jenny (volunteer, USA)

Being involved in YWAM as an individual has helped me in the area of public speaking and provide an avenue where i can discover, use and develop my gifts and talents.
— Nicole Emmanuel (Student & Volunteer 24 : St. Lucia)