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YWAM Trainings

Many YWAM courses are often called “schools,” and combine theory with practical application. They usually last between three and nine months. For many YWAM students, the intensive learning combined with community living makes for a transformational experience.  The mission is to help participants develop their Character and relationship with God but also to empower them to live and represent the Kingdom of God wherever they find themselves. We normally offer Full Time Training and have in St Lucia stated pioneering a Part Time Training

My experience was a wonderful one and I do believe God wanted me there at that particular time. One of my biggest struggles was poor self esteem, poor self confidence, poor self image and not loving me enough for what I look like and who I am. Also the fact that there’s nothing I could do more or less for God to love me. This was dealt with when we did the topic ‘The Father Heart of God’
— Kerima Antoine : DTS Student


Full Time Trainings

YWAM Full time Live-in Trainings are program were students and facilitators all reside through out the Lecture phase at the YWAM campus or around and during the outreach phase they travel and minister together. These are the perfect programs for you when you want to take a time off to deepened your relationship with God. For a season away from the busyness of the life this is the perfect environment to focus on something different and consider what God have in store for you. below are some of our part full time living programs

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The YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS) in St. Lucia is a five month (Jan to June) full time and live in program. It  offers a unique time in your life to focus on who God made you to be, and what He wants you to do before moving on. You will deepen your relationship with God and experience serving in different ways! A perfect Gap year program for those in need of one!
During our Bible focus DTS Students are challenged to read and complete the Bible by the end of the program.

The YWAM  DTS can be a life transforming experience.

Summer Mission Adventures

Every year between mid July and early August The YWAM Saint Lucia Summer Mission Adventure is on. It is a time for Training, Recreation and Service that is design for teen and young adult between 14 and 25 years old. This is two weeks to deepen your relationship with God and to grow in serving others. Youth meet their peer group from various culture. Ferry traveling to nearby Island is often considered. Every year we also have a few persons above 25, If this is your case, we can discuss how to better integrate you.


Part Time Trainings

YWAM St. Lucia is now offering part time training and program for persons that d’int want to let their busy life prevent them to deepen the relationship with God and follow the Call of their heard to serve and be a blessing beyond their four walls. For those who are busy and realized that more of God is the ultimate solution. join us on one of the Program below:

The Mission and Discipleship Level 1

This part time course will half of the concept though in a standard DTS in about 150 hour part time schedule over six months on a 6 hour per weeks average basis.. You want to have a taste of a YWAM DTS but don’t have the material time to engage full time live in as yet ? this program is for you.


The Mission and Discipleship Level 2

This Part Time program is the natural continuation of the level 1 course for those who want to have a tastes of the standard YWAM DTS content but do not have all the material time for such full time live in program.
the Topic cover are those that were left from the level 1. it will take identically about 150 hours stretch over 6 months in about 6 hour per weeks to complete this program.