Our Vision is

To see multitudes from Saint Lucia and the Nations beyond restored in their relationship with the Creator, equipped and passionate to fulfill God's  purpose and join the waves to impact the spheres of influence, being a blessing to those in need across nations.

Our Mission is:

To serve and bless the people of Saint Lucia, and the Nations beyond its shores, raise a generation who will love God with all of their hearts and others as themselves, equipped to extend His love and compassion to those in greater need here and further.


Beside existing as a Discipleship Community, our YWAM Base organizes YWAM DTSSummer Mission Adventures and other ministry such as the Prayer Station, Mercy Ministry (Compassion), Kids Program, Special Occasions, Bible Study, Evangelism, Mobilizing Churches, and are looking into developing other ministries such as Celebration, Community Development, Skills Training, etc.  We also offer multiple Short Term Volunteer Opportunities. The YWAM DTS is accredited by the University of the Nations (UofN). For more information about the U of N, visit their website at www.uofn.edu

YWAM Saint Lucia is a YWAM campus located in the Eastern Caribbean. We are a community of believers, dedicated to  growing and knowing God, living it out individually and together and making Him known through our daily experiences here and to the ends of the earth through outreaches and more.