Visiting Guest

One of the YWAM values is Hospitality; we will alway do all our possible to welcome friends,  supporters and other Guest interested in spending some time with us at YWAM Saint Lucia. from a few days to a few weeks.

Guest can decide to spend some of their vacation time with us or just a few days to encourage in either case you will be welcome as much as our accommodation allow it.

Guest Schedule :

Our Guest can set their time table to eat and socialized with us or simply  visit the many neighboring restaurant around the base on their own.

If Interested our community breakfast is usually taken together between at 7:30  and 8:30, followed by a short devotion between 8:30 and 9:15 then lunch  at 12:30 and diner at 6:00pm; Guests are welcome/encourage to join us. 

Visiting Guest may not always fit into this establish program since they may be around with a different focus... but in any case let us know in advance.


Our guest like the volunteers will be housed in one of our rooms with multiple beds or bunk beds. You will probably be sharing the room with other volunteers or students of the same gender unless you are here when others are on vacation or off. If you are single, you will likely have roommates.
Couples need to let us know in advance as they may have their own room but, may have to share a common bathroom and living rooms with others where they can gather for fellowship.

We will work with families to find the best suited setting for them and depending on the availability of Housing in that season. Our vision is to become a family friendly Campus with a playground and other amenities for children as God Provide.

A coin-fed laundry machine is available at the base (local EC$ coins only) as well as a WIFI Network accessible with a voucher purchase at our office at a reasonable cost to support the ministry.

Important: for safety and cultural sensibility bellow are some recommendation living at our YWAM compound:

- no open flames or smoking in the YWAM compound
- alcohol beverage is discourage on the YWAM Compound
- be sensitive to others convictions and their well-being


There is a no application fee for Guest however your travel, communication, Recreation, and laundry expenses are your responsibility.

You will be expected to pay a contribution fee before arrival (see Volunteer's fees Schedules), for the duration of your time here.