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Classifying volunteers

In order to extend the privilege to serve to all, we define our staff and Volunteers fees to take into consideration the country category (citizenship)  of the volunteers and the length or their commitment:

Length of Commitment:

1- Short Term: for commitment between one day to 6 months
2- Medium Term: for commitment between one day to 7 months and 2 years
3- Long Term: for commitment beyond 2 years
Please consider the categories below. if you cannot afford a category let us know so that we see what can be done. in all case :XCD or EC$ stand for Eastern Caribbean dollars. USD or  US$ stand for United States dollars (in average 1US$= 2.7 EC$).


Country Category:

The cost of  Programs and Volunteer fee can make them less accessible to persons from developing nations. To give the opportunity to many to answer the call to serve, we significantly reduce participation's fees for those from developing Countries. 
YWAM UofN use information supplied by the UN and other sources to ranks countries in three categories.

- Category A Nation - Per Capita Income Average of $12,001 and more (usually North America and Europe)
- Category B Nation - Per Capita Income Average of $5,001 to $12,000 (Medium revenue Counties)
-Category C Nation -  Per capita income of $5,000 and less (usually very poor or developing countries)

Classifying Volunteers by time Committed to Serve

*Full TimeVolunteers are persons who comit to volunteer about 8 hours daily minimum for 5 to 6 days per week They fully contribute to the base's life and activities such as ministries and socials.
** Guest and Part Time Volunteers Live in are persons living on the YWAM Campus who are expected to participate to help with some basic up keeping of the living environment for a minimum 2 to 3 hours daily. Guest or Part Time live in are not expected to be part of all ministries but only when possible. But they need to understand and accept the term and Policies.

- Part Time Volunteer are expected to be part of most social and devotional activities at the YWAM Campus while. Guest  are encourage to do their best and be intentional in contributing to life at the base as much as Possible.


On Campus Volunteer Fees Schedules

Fees indicated are per person per day or months

1- Fees for Short Term (fr 1 to 6 mths)

full time
**Guest or
Part Time
( Local )
30 EC$
/ day
40 EC$
DTS Teams
25 US$ / day --

2- Fees Medium Term (fr 7 to 24 mths)


& Guest

1215 EC$
(US$ 450) /Month
( Local Volunteer )

710 EC$
(US$263) /Month

3- Fees for (Commitment Over 27 mths)

Country Category

* Volunteer full time

745 EC$
(US$ 276) /Month
( Local )

350 EC$
(US$ 130) /Month

What are Volunteer & Staff fees use for ?

The volunteer or staff fees: contribution made by each volunteer is expected to mainly help with:

- A Bed to sleep : ( a bed or bunk bed in our dorm style YWAM Base accommodation room or a double bed for couple).
- The board : consisting of one main meal daily often Supper taken together.When we have a visiting teams on campus the main meal together can be shifted to lunch to accommodate the team schedule. Secondary meals is the responsibility of the volunteers/Guest, Generally following the YWAM Base menu since we provide the main staple grocery Items ( any addition is the responsibility of the volunteer )
- Grocery shopping for main staple grocery items made up of : Local white bread, Meat (often frozen chicken drumsticks, ground turkey or hot dogs), pink dry beans, Pasta, Rice, Oils, Milk, eggs, sugar, local fresh vegetable (cucumbers, carrots, lettuces ), fruits (often banana or other local fruits in season).
- Basic ministry related communication : WIFI connection with your own devise using your social media access while at the ywam base most of the time. The average speed is 4mb/s download and 1mb/s upload shared to all campus users When the service provider is not giving issues.


What is not included in volunteer fees

The following are not covered by you volunteer fees and should be budgeted separately:
- Special diet meals
- Secondary meals : we will normally have the mains meals (Diner) together with the other volunteers on campus. Depending of what is going on at the base and wether you came as a team or not and because we only have one kitchen for all at the moment, we could organize to have the secondary meals together. (we will be responsible for the main staple grocery items only)
- Airport Pick Up and Drop off : you need to discuss with us to include this in your fees
- Personal Communication, Transportation, Printing, Photocopies and Snacks
- Visa & immigration fee when needed
- Medical expenses and personal emergency Insurances each Volunteer is require to subscribe to a medical insurance of his choice.
- Laundry charge and soap : volunteer are free to use the coins operated washing machine, or hand wash. The Local coin fed laundry require about EC$ 5 for a washing load of approximately 40 minutes.
In addition to the program/volunteer fees and other personal expenses we normally ask each volunteer arriving in Saint Lucia to stay at our base to budget separately for the above.

Airport Pick up and drop off

In addition to the program fees and other personal expenses we normally ask each volunteer arriving or departing Saint Lucia to budget for airport transfer (pick up and drop off)  
this should be for a small group of about 3 persons : US$100  (if your flight arrive and depart via  Hewanorra international, - UVF, 2:h from our base )  OR US$ 50 (if it arrived via George F.L. Charles Airport - Regional Flights – SLU- 20 to 30 minutes drive from our base). 
Let us know if you plan to include it in your program fees /volunteer fee so that we can make arrangement to pick and drop you off .


Volunteers and immigration

In normal circumstances various nationalities allow in Saint Lucia as Guest may typically obtain 6 weeks stay stamp. (exception being CARICOM citizen non OECS that can obtain up to 6 months) After expiration of these period they will need an extension visa or some special permit.

When your Volunteer application is accepted with us, YWAM St. Lucia will notify you as well as the Government Ministry in charge or Social Transformation and Faith base. When an exemption of Work permit is require ( this is usually the case for volunteer staying over 6weeks we will inform you of the paper work to complete etc... due to some administrative delay please apply few months in advance before your arrival. 

Other info for volunteers

XCD or EC$ stand for Eastern Caribbean dollars
USD or  US$ stand for United States dollars (in average 1US$= 2.7 EC$)

All volunteer are encourage to speak about their project in their church and around them to raise extra fund when possible to support the ministry in general. When to Pay Your Volunteer Fees ?

Volunteer contribution are to be paid before the arrival of the volunteers, per months or for the full duration in advance.

NB: we have no refund policy in place for volunteer fees; so ask any questions possible and consider your options before taking your final decision.