Why Youth?

We are committed to value Youth, trust them, train them, support them, make space for them and release them. We commit to follow where they lead, in the will of God. 

Youth Discipleship and Leadership Training


Besides Partnering and Networking with the various existing Youth Movement, we hold a weekly activity session at our base or at the Boys Training Center when possible (only Juvenile detention center on the Island). We bring our contribution to the effort to re-insert these young people as active member of the Society.

We Need Volunteer partners to help with this program: Join Us

  • To develop and implement weekly activities for the Boys 
  • To teach the boys how to play a musical instrument
  • To prepare and teach the boys other useful life skills ( this will be the precursor of our vision to develop a full Skill training centre in Saint Lucia with workshops and application centre.
  • Thanks for Joining us in this Vision !
Youth Group Performing Art in Ministry