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Merry Christmas 2018 from YWAMSL

Dear Friends, Partners

December Greetings from Simply Beautiful Saint Lucia!

Volunteers and Staff:

Presently besides Guy and Marylin we have a number of  part time volunteers that are great partners with us in the various ministries that we are involved in. Without them it would have been really difficult. Among others are Ruth, Shona, Melissa, Manessa, Denise, Philonene, Marguerite, Anne Marie, Melody and the many others that are always ready to stretch their time table in this busy era to see the kingdom of God advance.

Here are some stuff to praise God for:


- Marcus is an old time Saint Lucian YWAM friend who completed his DTS in Barbados. He resides with his family in the town of Soufriere, South West of the island. God has been leading him for the past few years into Adventure, Survival and Community Development Outreach. He has decided to develop the ministry ‘Kairos Konnection’ on the cover of YWAM Saint Lucia.  We are looking forward to developing NIKO (click on the hyperlink to learn more about NIKO) and other Mission Adventures programs from YWAM Saint Lucia to the Nations; let the ‘Caribbean Wave’ rise!  We are looking forward to working more closely with Marcus as Associate Staff to develop the various aspects of the vision of YWAM in Saint Lucia, reaching the nations from “Simple Beautiful“ Saint Lucia!

Merle and Jeny.jpg

- Merle and Jenny are a couple of seasoned missionaries who served in Eastern Europe for some time and are here for a few months transition before heading back. They are assisting us in various ministries as they stay at the base with us. So far we are thankful for their presence and expressed desired to support the ministry during their few months with us.


- Marlyse is a skilled Cameroonian friend that is volunteering short term from time to time. She assist us in some areas of web site translation, library and more each time she passes through traveling to Canada and back.

School Ministries

We continue to work with the Secondary Schools here. For a few years now and until this past term we have been having sessions of about an hour weekly with one  particular Secondary school in the Castries area. We are planning to launch a youth Alpha Courses Series  with the class of about 35 students next term.  

Children Ministry:

YWAM SL Kids club.jpg

Our Kids Club program has been doing really well. The program is mainly geared at children ages 4 to 14 years although we do have a few younger than 4 and older than 14. We have a core of about 16 children that are quite constant but can have 30 kids at a time. We recently had our old friends from Bois Patat join us again after some time of break. Bois Patat is a community in the outskirts of Castries where we originally held the kids club but had to pause due to various constraints. Presently the kids club is taking place at the YWAM base, although the ideal would be to relocate it in the community. We have to go pick up the kids and a major constraint for this is transportation.

Compassion and Prayer Station:

Every Friday we assist the Salvation Army at their Soup Kitchen,  packaging meals and distributing to the homeless in Castries. After that (when we have enough volunteers) we run a Prayer Station for about an hour at the Square. Sharing God’s compassion for those in need and letting them know He is concerned about their felt needs are some of our preoccupation during this time of ministry. The Prayer Station in addition to those also give us the great privilege to pray for the nation (because the nation above all is it’s people) listening to God’s heart for the problems people are facing as we bring them and their family before His throne. 


The Juvenile Detention Centre:

Our ministry at the Boys Centre has been on hold for a few months now and we are praying as we consider the New Year that everything will be set according to God’s intent. Merle has also been praying for some strategies to engage the boys at risk

Other Ministry and Workshops:


- Part Time night classes MDTS: our group of 9 students completed their part time course last September although we haven’t organized a formal graduation as yet. All the students have expressed  how the program impacted them especially the outreach with YWAM Guadeloupe.

Summer Adventure.jpg

- Summer mission and outreach to Guadeloupe: last summer 14 people including the students from the MDTS1 (Part Time Night Program) spent one week at the YWAM Saint Lucia base. They participated in various ministry before heading to Guadeloupe. Eleven out of the fourteen persons traveled to the French Island for one week where they served alongside YWAM Guadeloupe with Samuel and Joselita. 

Parenting Workshop By Marlegrecy Novec.jpg

- We had a workshop: “Parenting 21st Century Kids” led by Marlegrecy N’ovec, (Ed.D) a Veteran Educator from Lehigh Acres, Florida, who came to volunteer a few weeks with YWAM Saint Lucia. She served in various areas besides the improvised workshop that showed the participation of nearly 30 Saint Lucian parents and future parents. 


- Dave and Nancy led another Marriage Tune Up Workshop with some pastoral couples and local churches last October during their short visit. As usual many were blessed building on the regular workshop he organized via video conferencing since last year  

Board Meeting:

During the visit of Dave and Nancy a second board meeting for the year was organized. As usually it was the time to share some of the challenges to listening ears, listen to their advice and receive their blessings. Many Board Members made commitments to help with some of the challenges we were having with rent arrears. The meeting also saw the welcoming a new board member.

Praise Report

- We thank God for providing through friends to be able to pay monthly bills.  He remains faithful!!!

- Thank God for sending short term staff to help for a few  months. We have a mature couple from the US that are seasoned missionaries.  

- For all our part time volunteers and associate staff; what a mighty God we serve!!!

Prayer Points

- pray for more persons that will see the need to give towards the ministry

- pray for the couple that is with us short term that they will settle in nicely, see how their calling will fit in the vision of YWAM Saint Lucia.

- That our NIKO project in the coming years will be successful  

- pray for long term DTS staff and staff in general

- students for the next part time program planned for mid January 2019

We take this opportunity to thank you for standing with us in 2018 and wish you and your family a Christ Centered Christmas!  May the Christ of Christmas continue to be your hope and safe refuge!


mercy and mangoes.jpg

Dear Friends

We are using this opportunity to extend our warm gratitude to God , to Christ United Methodist Church and all those who made it possible for Dr. Marlegrecy N’Ovec (Mercy) to come and be a blessing to the Nation of Saint Lucia, our YWAM Centre and us as a family.

An Encouragement and dynamism that is contagious.

From her arrival at the airport in Saint Lucia on August 15th 2018 we realized that Mercy is not a person like everyone. warm and social, she connect with everyone she meets.

From extending blessings to a by standing boy to connecting with our 7 year old son Asaph and taking him on a piggyback ride, we realize that this is Mercy in A Mission.

We are a pioneering mission base so with a lot of things going on to help people searching to know more about Him and to make Him know.

We were a little concern at first not to get her too busy because of the notice on her health record; but she took all of us as well as our visiting volunteers by surprise; helping in the kitchen,  doing a bit of  landscaping, always inspiring to draw principles from what she does to edify and encourage everyone during group devotions and meetings: from the parasites entangling our pigeon peas crop to the ripe Julie mangos she help us save from the birds on the tree, Mercy's hands on ability was unmatchable.

We thank God for  the generosity and  availability of all of you who played a role in  making it possible for Mercy to travel for this missions trip to Saint Lucia

Arrival in saint lucia.jpg
Arrival in saint lucia 2.jpg
1st steps.jpg
meething at the ywam base.jpg
lecture on parenting.jpg
with dts students.jpg

Experiences to share 

Parenting Workshop : about 25 parents and youths including some leaders. show up to learn and share on Parenting Christian Way. What came up from simple observations became a full scale workshop with parents learning and sharing their experiences on raising godly children - Saturday August 25th from 2:00 pm to 6:00pm

Sharing testimonies: and experience with our Discipleship Training School students coming from various denominations

Mercy and prayer

The soup kitchen was an opportunity to share food with homeless in Castries in partnership with the Salvation Army

Prayer Station: we prayed with  numerous persons in need walking up to us to ask for prayer in the main square in Castries.  From parents wanting a good back to school for their kids to young men just wanting to change the direction of their lives to follow Jesus.

At the moment I completed this update, one of the person we met  in Castries came in to collect some of the supplies brought in by Mercy for her six year old .

on prayer station.jpg
compassion 2.jpg

Thank you so much for your support!  We are so grateful for your partnership ...

Another Exciting Jesus Packed Summer 2016

Dear Friends

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the support you have given to us as a ministry. Your unwavering prayers, words of encouragement and financial support goes a long way and encourages us to continue with the task God has laid before us.  

Another Exciting Jesus Packed Summer

Teams :

With 38 from Kansas City (24 from Kansas City Discipleship Training School  & 14 Messenger ); 18 from Cornerstone Ministries, Trinidad, Summer 2016, it was really packed between June 28th and August 2nd with 3 teams ministering with us on the Island. Challenging but, we saw the grace of God in various areas from finding housing to coordinating meals and more.

DTS 2016 Graduation:
We give all praise to God who did it again and made it possible for our 4th DTS on the Island to graduate. The students picture below testify of God's miracle in impacting their lives and using them during the outreach in Saint Lucia and in the Dominican Republic to touch lives. The graduation took place on June 17th 2016 after a debrief and re-entry week.
Please continue to pray with us that the foundation that was placed will continue to produce fruit in their lives as Disciples of Christ. 
Right now we are praying for the 2017 DTS

YWAM Saint Lucia DTS 2016

YWAM Saint Lucia DTS 2016

Summer Mission Adventure 2016

Combining missions, fun and discipleship, our 5th Summer Missions Adventure on the Island was a success thanks to the dedication of our staff Nicole and Merlisha. It was a small one (6 participants) compared to last year, but the fruit was not small in the lives their impacted.

2016 Summer Mission  Adventure participants during recreational activities

2016 Summer Mission  Adventure participants during recreational activities

2016 Summer MIssion Adventure participants pose with Kids they just ministered to in Castries

2016 Summer MIssion Adventure participants pose with Kids they just ministered to in Castries

DTS 2017
Join us in prayer for God's direction. Persons have started showing interest,  we have considered at some point not having a DTS in January in order to be more available to help with the Impact world tour in Saint Lucia early next year. However, the Impact is postponed and we are praying to know how to move forward considering the following Challenges: Nicole is not going to be there as she leave for Costa Rica to do the Bible Core Course (BCC) . Merlisha's commitment ends this December and she hasn't decided if she will extend her commitment to staff the school or not. The only staff available is Keegan (this will be his first time) and Guy since Marylin will be more involved with homeschooling Asaph.  We have a few candidates that have inquired at this point as we start the initial planning.
- Please pray with us for direction from God.
- Pray for another DTS staff for the next DTS 2017 as for now it is just Guy and Keegan ( who is new) that are confirmed with the others having other plans

Volunteers and Staff

Short Term:
We are praying to see more volunteers from local churches join us for outreaches on the Island.
Anne - Sophie (18) : After spending two months serving with us in various ministries returned to Canada. We thank God for her service in blessing the Nation of Saint Lucia and the YWAM base and pray that God blesses her in her studies back home..
Karyn(22): came all the way from Canada for the Summer Program and added some spice to our fun summer program she was a great blessing to the whole team bringing in skills (swimming) and heart for Kids.  Hoping to have her here again some day.

Our Full Time Staff:
Praying for more Full time long term commitments
Nicole Emmanuel (26): She going to take a Bible core course in Costa Rica from this September to march.
Merlisha Ray(23): Her initial commitment with the base is ending this December 2016. She have a few option before her...
Keegan Emmanuel(27): Keegan join us 6 months ago after completing a DTS in St. Vincent. Keegan is now engaged with Nicole (the other staff and they are planning to get married next year. Presently,Keegan assists with maintenance and a few other things at the base. 
Guy & Marylin: We are here and continue to need prayer, support and strength from the Lord to move this project forward. With additional prayer and support the weight is less since it is being carried by all of you. 

- pray that Nicole will have all the finance she needs for her school in Costa Rica, that she  will be back better equipped for a new season
- pray that The Lord will Lead Merlisha accordingly; we will be glad to have her and her experience for the next DTS but all is up to her and God now
- That Keegan will continue to grow in His relationship with God and His on going relationship with Nicole
- Pray that the support needed will come in for Guy and Marylin and the family to be able to have an apartment out of the base.

Pray for a Property for YWAM SL
We give thanks to God for providing housing for all the teams we had this Summer.  It was not easy but with His grace He saw us through with the assistance of some friends. With the Summer Program and teams  we accommodated well over 60 people, Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia. At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available. Pray that we will be able to setup a proposal and get people to come on board to help us secure a permanent property.

Guy and Marylin are praying and seriously considering moving the family out of the actual base. 

DTS in the Dominican Republic.

Dear Friends  
Thanks for your prayers and partnership and for taking a few minute to read our May 2016 update

DTS 2016 on their outreach in the Dominican Republic.

After starting their outreach in Saint Lucia doing ministry with the kids in the community of Bois patat (Discipleship program for children) but also serving the street people of Castries, the DTS 2016 crew made up of MerlishaNicoleTaylorTessaMikaelKerima and Denielle, flew to the Dominican Republic where they spent the first week at the YWAM Caribbean Staff Conference, helping to take care of the missionary kids. The second week was spent in a rural community Elias Piña where God used them powerfully to impact the lives of many children and the whole community with over 30 making a step to now let Jesus lead their lives.
The students are now back in the capital city - Santa Domingo where they will continue the ministry until June 8th. They continue to need your prayers especially for the health situation as life in the village was not always easy with mosquitos, dust and more. Pray especially for Denielle and Taylor who was not too well.

The Whole Team in the DR with their guest in the village of Elias Piña

The Whole Team in the DR with their guest in the village of Elias Piña

Kids Ministry in a village,  Thanks for keeping the team in prayer

Kids Ministry in a village,  Thanks for keeping the team in prayer

Arrival and departure of volunteers

1- Evodie (21) : A French volunteer from Strasbourg who served with us for 3 months returned this week; after a great contribution to our ministry on the Island. Pray for her future in missions that God will lead her steps.
2- We just welcomed a young volunteer, Anne-Sophie (18), from Quebec, who will be here for 3 months as well. She is going through a personalized discipleship program while serving along with us;  pray that she will adjust to the environment and mature in her walk with the Lord during her time with us (Keegan, Marylin, Guy and Asaph) 
3- Keegan; is a young Saint Lucian (27) who did his DTS last year in St Vincent and the Grenadines;  as you may know he decided to join our staff as volunteer for the upcoming 2 years or so. For now  keegan's  responsibilities at the base are maintenance and he is being trained to take responsibility on the evangelism team. Pray for a smooth integration of keegan in the team and that the weekly coaching sessions with Guy will be effective and yield results to see him take greater responsibility and grow in maturity.

1- Ann-Sophie,                  2- Marylin,               3- Evodie,                            4-Keegan

1- Ann-Sophie,                  2- Marylin,               3- Evodie,                            4-Keegan

Ministry at the base

While the DTS is away we (Guy and the four above ) continued to serve the street people in collaboration with other ministries but also we visit the Juvenile Detention Center for boys on a regular basis. Guy also has one on one personalized discipleship sessions with volunteers and we are planing to continue the Prayer Station ministry every Friday with the help of local churches and volunteers when available. Pray for more commited volunteers

at the Juvenille Boy centre

at the Juvenille Boy centre

Serving the Street People in Castries

Serving the Street People in Castries


Need for Housing

We are also busy seeking appropriate accommodation and setting up ministry for the teams visiting this Summer. Pray that we will be able to find proper accommodation this Summer with teams totaling over 60 people coming to minister and we are yet to secure appropriate housing for all.  Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia.  At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available.
- pray for ministry opportunities that will impact lives long term this Summer

Summer Missions Adventure 2016

This year's program is planned from July 31st to August 13th.  The Summer Program is two dynamic weeks to help young people not only serve but also have a fun vacation. It integrates basic discipleship teachings, missions outreach and fun outings around the Island.  The past 4 years has been a great success with participants from all over the Caribbean, North America and Europe.
Pray for
- interested persons to complete the online application
- for appropriate accommodation and opportunities to serve.

DTS lecture phase almost done

DTS 2016 during love feast

DTS 2016 during love feast

With Speaker on Bible

With Speaker on Bible

DTS 2016: Lecture Phase almost done
Students and staff are preparing for the outreach phase in the Dominican Republic. This is definitely a great group picture above with Evodie, a volunteer from France during our easter Love feast. As usual No DTS is like any other; after the few bumps of week 4 and 5 the group is doing great we can see evidence of growth in each students considering where they came from. There was a very interesting outdoor survival/giving up right week-end Supervised by Marcus Joseph from Soufriere (friend & partner of YWAM St. Lucia), we saw participants dig deeper in God’s gracious resources; Thanks to Uncle “Muphasa”…

-By the End of the Lecture Phase in a week or so the students will also complete the reading of their whole Bible. -We bless God for Speakers: for their availability and gracious ministry: George & Donna Snow on the Father’s Heart, Omayra Plumb Line, Wayne on The Cross & The Bible, Marsha on Hearing G o d ’ s V o i c e , S a m u e l o n Relationship, Alain on Finance, local Ministers and Pastors and Charlotte from Sweden who will b e c l o s i n g n e x t w e e k o n community Development. You were a real blessing to this Bible.

Pray for provision of all the funds, as students prepare to g o t o t h e D o m i n i c a n Republic. Our staff Merlisha still need full airfare and registration, for the staff Conference, while Nicole need part of the Airfare. The Staff conference take place from May 10 to 15th in the DR that will also be the 1st week of the DTS outreach. We need purchase ticket from now.



God have sent Keegan, Nicole’s friend for a two year commitment (with 6 months probation): Keegan complete his DTS last year in Saint Vincent. Despite the fact that some of those who promise to come on board last year did not finally come. Continue to pray that God will send persons committed to serve along side us for long term, to help develop new ministries and strengthening existing on going ministries. Keegan will be helping with maintenance at the base and help develop the ministry with the Boys Training Centre (Juvenile detention Centre). So far as full time volunteer we are: Guy, Marylin, Nicole, Merlisha and Keegan We are assisted by short term volunteer and partner but also key part time Volunteer such as Ruth and Steve. 

Impact World Tour (IWT) is a new approach to present the Gospel to a 21st Century audience in the way that is relevant. After reaching hundreds of thousands in multiple cities across the world since 1993, The Impact Campaign has now focused on the caribbean where they want to see the rise of the new wave. Everything was launched this year in St Vincent where it saw over 9000 surrender their lives to Jesus in three weeks. they are praying for the next Island to target. An exploring team visited St. Lucia for a day to challenge the Island’s faith about this new initiative. Marylin by faith stood up and is going for a 3 week I m p a c t I n t e n s i v e ( i n i t i a l coordinator training) in Kansas City from April 8 to 30th. Cornelia Melville a friend of YWAM Saint Lucia is also planning to go. Pray that St Lucia will be ready for an Impact between 2017 and 2018

- Junior : in St Marteen is  trying to fix up things with the family. Pray for God to continue what he started

- Kashm after going with a team in Trinidad short term is now back at work in Antigua and has start sending funds to complete his past due incomplete DTS fee

- Caleb is back in Brazil and is serving along side A YWAM team taking teams in the Amazon.

-Tonia is back to her home church and have recently took a course to care for the elderly. Please continue to Pray for God’s continued work in lives

Pray for the Property
- After considering a number of properties since 2012 for a permanent campus of YWAM in St. Lucia, the first one Identify remain so far as the best option both in regard to it’s potential and strategic cost/location. A board member and two friends Steve and Ruth are looking into options possible as we trust God for provision of US$600,000 for this Property. - Pray with us for resources and beyond all more committed partners to join us in this faith venture.

1-Praise God for the Fact that Marylin will be able to attend the Impact intensive training in Kansas city for 3 weeks after what she will be part of the staff conference in the DR.

2-Praise God for the finances for our DTS students who completed their Lecture phase fees and are now praying for the outreach fees. Thanks for supporter and for those that promise to do so.

3-Pray for all the finances to come in soon for those missing for the outreach in the Dominican Republic.

4- Pray for our staff Merlisha that God will provide for her to attend the staff conference in the DR and for the airfare for both Merlisha and Nicole to be able to take the students to outreach.

5- pray for outreach that God will use our Students and staff and continue the transformation in each lives.

January 2016 Update

Dear Friends
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Thank you for standing with us in prayer and your giving. We thank God for you for holding our hands up as we do the work of our Lord.  

The period from September to December is usually the least active period for us at the YWAM Saint Lucia However, last year there was always something to keep sharing love. We hope you are encouraged and blessed by this past due update...

Visiting Teams 

God is truly awakening young people to be His hands and feet. Recently, a dedicated group of young person’s serving with Campus Crusade St Vincent spent 10 purposeful days with us at the YWAM base. The team felt the direction of the Holy Spirit to establish a CRU ministry at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College hopefully more laborers in the field - Alleluia!!!
We also received a team from Barbados called “Uplift International”. The team came to share their vision with various individuals who will be interested in taking a short term missions trip to Malawi to use their gifts to serve others in that nation.
Also, a team of about 70 persons from a cruise-ship spent one day in Castries training believers how to share their faith, distributing bibles and praying for various persons the Lord would put along their path.

Campus Crusade Team
Uplift intl. team
A cruise ship in Castries

Children’s Ministry 

We continue to support the children of Bois Patat near Castries. We just received 150 shoes boxes with gift items, toys from Operation Christmas Child - a Samaritan's Purse Ministry and are distributing and planing to follow up with the “Greatest Journey” Discipleship program for children. 

Cookie Cheer for Christmas...

For three days the YWAM base turned into a bakery. We baked homemade cookies to distribute to share the love of Christ during the season. Overall 500 cookies were baked and 200 packages were distributed to the police station, bus drivers on the bus route, rehabilitation center for boys, homeless shelter, orphanage and the fire service department. We had a blast distributing the cookies. We even got to see a fireman climb down the poll. Asaph got a chance to use the fire hose.

Discipleship Training School 2016

Our 4th DTS in Saint Lucia is now on since January 24th; preparations since last year were OK. We have 5 students: the nationalities are St Lucia (Kerima), Jamaica (Denielle) Sweden (Mikael), USA (Taylor & Tessa). It was our prayer to have about 10 students but God choose to send 5 hand picked. 
We praise God for opening doors to promote the DTS in some churches on the island thus far one Saint Lucian has accepted chalenge of faith this year and we pray God will show her his faithfulness. Merlisha & Nicole are staffing this school along side us : Guy, Marylin & Asaph. 
We just completed week 4, teachings on intimate friendship with God, hearing God voice, the Cross, and the nature and character of God when on great with speakers Marsha and Wayne from Grenada. This week is the Father heart of God with George and Donna Snow. 
We are considering outreach in the Dominican Republic or in Nicaragua, and are seeking  divine confirmation this week. Thanks for standing with us and the students. The local student came in faith and need your support.

Praise Report

  • Between September and December we had two YWAMSL Board Meetings and had two new persons join our Board increasing the number to 10. We are thankful to God for this increase and hope it will bring in more dynamism. We are trusting Him for two or three more Board Members.
  • Over the past year we have been diligently praying that the Holy Spirit would direct persons in our path that would form the YWAM St. Lucia Board. He is answering our prayers by sending us new Board Members.  Praise God for answered prayer and for His faithfulness towards us. we are looking forward to have a few more to Join in March 2016

Prayer Points 

  • That the DTS students will allow God to do His work in their lives
  • That the children who received the gifts from Samaritans Purse will also receive Jesus in their lives
  • For us as staff that we will be refreshed, filled with the Holy Spirit  and committed to what God is calling us to do.
  • For a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia: at this point we need persons to carry the project with us... please pray for more committed persons to come on board.
  • Pray for more partners at different levels to embrace and join the vision of YWAM St. Lucia. God has been sending persons pray for more key persons.
  • Impact World Tour in the Caribbean and in Saint Lucia specifically we are mobilizing to see Saint Lucians go to Kansas City for the training and prepare to welcome the Project in Saint Lucia. Bill Landis the Caribbean Leader will be here in March to meet some key people and promote the project, pray for this important meetings.
  • Our Landlord has increased the rent by EC$200.00 and is refusing to allow us to use a room that is locked away with their stuff which has another bathroom that would make a world of difference to us if it was switched with a room without bathroom(except we are willing to pay EC$ 1300 more).  Please praise God for his faithfulness so far in providing and pray for provision to be able to pay the monthly rent and for a bigger and affordable place for YWAM Saint Lucia before the end of the year.
YWAM St. Lucia at the Fire station for Christmas 2015
YWAM Saint Lucia distributing Operation Christmass Gift in Bois Patat (from Samaritan Purse) 

Nicole Emmanuel: Full Time Staff completed DTS in Saint Lucia in 2013, DTS staff

Merlisha Ray: Full Time Staff completed DTS in saint Lucia in 2014. DTS and hospitality staff
Ruth & Steve Mitchel : Part time Volunteer , They help us with bookkeeping and the YWAM SL property acquisition and valorisation project
Guy, Marylin & Asaph, Full time Base Leader : Thanks for your continual prayers and support, We greatly value and appreciate your partnership in pioneering this ministry in Saint Lucia.
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You can use one of the above option to support one of our volunteers/staff, for their staff fees or more but please you need to send a note to  to let us know what the support is for or contact the staff directly for details.