DTS lecture phase almost done

DTS 2016 during love feast

DTS 2016 during love feast

With Speaker on Bible

With Speaker on Bible

DTS 2016: Lecture Phase almost done
Students and staff are preparing for the outreach phase in the Dominican Republic. This is definitely a great group picture above with Evodie, a volunteer from France during our easter Love feast. As usual No DTS is like any other; after the few bumps of week 4 and 5 the group is doing great we can see evidence of growth in each students considering where they came from. There was a very interesting outdoor survival/giving up right week-end Supervised by Marcus Joseph from Soufriere (friend & partner of YWAM St. Lucia), we saw participants dig deeper in God’s gracious resources; Thanks to Uncle “Muphasa”…

-By the End of the Lecture Phase in a week or so the students will also complete the reading of their whole Bible. -We bless God for Speakers: for their availability and gracious ministry: George & Donna Snow on the Father’s Heart, Omayra Plumb Line, Wayne on The Cross & The Bible, Marsha on Hearing G o d ’ s V o i c e , S a m u e l o n Relationship, Alain on Finance, local Ministers and Pastors and Charlotte from Sweden who will b e c l o s i n g n e x t w e e k o n community Development. You were a real blessing to this Bible.

Pray for provision of all the funds, as students prepare to g o t o t h e D o m i n i c a n Republic. Our staff Merlisha still need full airfare and registration, for the staff Conference, while Nicole need part of the Airfare. The Staff conference take place from May 10 to 15th in the DR that will also be the 1st week of the DTS outreach. We need purchase ticket from now.



God have sent Keegan, Nicole’s friend for a two year commitment (with 6 months probation): Keegan complete his DTS last year in Saint Vincent. Despite the fact that some of those who promise to come on board last year did not finally come. Continue to pray that God will send persons committed to serve along side us for long term, to help develop new ministries and strengthening existing on going ministries. Keegan will be helping with maintenance at the base and help develop the ministry with the Boys Training Centre (Juvenile detention Centre). So far as full time volunteer we are: Guy, Marylin, Nicole, Merlisha and Keegan We are assisted by short term volunteer and partner but also key part time Volunteer such as Ruth and Steve. 

Impact World Tour (IWT) is a new approach to present the Gospel to a 21st Century audience in the way that is relevant. After reaching hundreds of thousands in multiple cities across the world since 1993, The Impact Campaign has now focused on the caribbean where they want to see the rise of the new wave. Everything was launched this year in St Vincent where it saw over 9000 surrender their lives to Jesus in three weeks. they are praying for the next Island to target. An exploring team visited St. Lucia for a day to challenge the Island’s faith about this new initiative. Marylin by faith stood up and is going for a 3 week I m p a c t I n t e n s i v e ( i n i t i a l coordinator training) in Kansas City from April 8 to 30th. Cornelia Melville a friend of YWAM Saint Lucia is also planning to go. Pray that St Lucia will be ready for an Impact between 2017 and 2018

- Junior : in St Marteen is  trying to fix up things with the family. Pray for God to continue what he started

- Kashm after going with a team in Trinidad short term is now back at work in Antigua and has start sending funds to complete his past due incomplete DTS fee

- Caleb is back in Brazil and is serving along side A YWAM team taking teams in the Amazon.

-Tonia is back to her home church and have recently took a course to care for the elderly. Please continue to Pray for God’s continued work in lives

Pray for the Property
- After considering a number of properties since 2012 for a permanent campus of YWAM in St. Lucia, the first one Identify remain so far as the best option both in regard to it’s potential and strategic cost/location. A board member and two friends Steve and Ruth are looking into options possible as we trust God for provision of US$600,000 for this Property. - Pray with us for resources and beyond all more committed partners to join us in this faith venture.

1-Praise God for the Fact that Marylin will be able to attend the Impact intensive training in Kansas city for 3 weeks after what she will be part of the staff conference in the DR.

2-Praise God for the finances for our DTS students who completed their Lecture phase fees and are now praying for the outreach fees. Thanks for supporter and for those that promise to do so.

3-Pray for all the finances to come in soon for those missing for the outreach in the Dominican Republic.

4- Pray for our staff Merlisha that God will provide for her to attend the staff conference in the DR and for the airfare for both Merlisha and Nicole to be able to take the students to outreach.

5- pray for outreach that God will use our Students and staff and continue the transformation in each lives.