Dear Friends

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the support you have given to us as a ministry. Your unwavering prayers, words of encouragement and financial support goes a long way and encourages us to continue with the task God has laid before us.  

Another Exciting Jesus Packed Summer

Teams :

With 38 from Kansas City (24 from Kansas City Discipleship Training School  & 14 Messenger ); 18 from Cornerstone Ministries, Trinidad, Summer 2016, it was really packed between June 28th and August 2nd with 3 teams ministering with us on the Island. Challenging but, we saw the grace of God in various areas from finding housing to coordinating meals and more.

DTS 2016 Graduation:
We give all praise to God who did it again and made it possible for our 4th DTS on the Island to graduate. The students picture below testify of God's miracle in impacting their lives and using them during the outreach in Saint Lucia and in the Dominican Republic to touch lives. The graduation took place on June 17th 2016 after a debrief and re-entry week.
Please continue to pray with us that the foundation that was placed will continue to produce fruit in their lives as Disciples of Christ. 
Right now we are praying for the 2017 DTS

YWAM Saint Lucia DTS 2016

YWAM Saint Lucia DTS 2016

Summer Mission Adventure 2016

Combining missions, fun and discipleship, our 5th Summer Missions Adventure on the Island was a success thanks to the dedication of our staff Nicole and Merlisha. It was a small one (6 participants) compared to last year, but the fruit was not small in the lives their impacted.

2016 Summer Mission Adventure participants during recreational activities

2016 Summer Mission Adventure participants during recreational activities

2016 Summer MIssion Adventure participants pose with Kids they just ministered to in Castries

2016 Summer MIssion Adventure participants pose with Kids they just ministered to in Castries

DTS 2017
Join us in prayer for God's direction. Persons have started showing interest,  we have considered at some point not having a DTS in January in order to be more available to help with the Impact world tour in Saint Lucia early next year. However, the Impact is postponed and we are praying to know how to move forward considering the following Challenges: Nicole is not going to be there as she leave for Costa Rica to do the Bible Core Course (BCC) . Merlisha's commitment ends this December and she hasn't decided if she will extend her commitment to staff the school or not. The only staff available is Keegan (this will be his first time) and Guy since Marylin will be more involved with homeschooling Asaph.  We have a few candidates that have inquired at this point as we start the initial planning.
- Please pray with us for direction from God.
- Pray for another DTS staff for the next DTS 2017 as for now it is just Guy and Keegan ( who is new) that are confirmed with the others having other plans

Volunteers and Staff

Short Term:
We are praying to see more volunteers from local churches join us for outreaches on the Island.
Anne - Sophie (18) : After spending two months serving with us in various ministries returned to Canada. We thank God for her service in blessing the Nation of Saint Lucia and the YWAM base and pray that God blesses her in her studies back home..
Karyn(22): came all the way from Canada for the Summer Program and added some spice to our fun summer program she was a great blessing to the whole team bringing in skills (swimming) and heart for Kids.  Hoping to have her here again some day.

Our Full Time Staff:
Praying for more Full time long term commitments
Nicole Emmanuel (26): She going to take a Bible core course in Costa Rica from this September to march.
Merlisha Ray(23): Her initial commitment with the base is ending this December 2016. She have a few option before her...
Keegan Emmanuel(27): Keegan join us 6 months ago after completing a DTS in St. Vincent. Keegan is now engaged with Nicole (the other staff and they are planning to get married next year. Presently,Keegan assists with maintenance and a few other things at the base. 
Guy & Marylin: We are here and continue to need prayer, support and strength from the Lord to move this project forward. With additional prayer and support the weight is less since it is being carried by all of you. 

- pray that Nicole will have all the finance she needs for her school in Costa Rica, that she  will be back better equipped for a new season
- pray that The Lord will Lead Merlisha accordingly; we will be glad to have her and her experience for the next DTS but all is up to her and God now
- That Keegan will continue to grow in His relationship with God and His on going relationship with Nicole
- Pray that the support needed will come in for Guy and Marylin and the family to be able to have an apartment out of the base.

Pray for a Property for YWAM SL
We give thanks to God for providing housing for all the teams we had this Summer.  It was not easy but with His grace He saw us through with the assistance of some friends. With the Summer Program and teams  we accommodated well over 60 people, Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for a permanent property for YWAM Saint Lucia. At this point we are more in need of partners willing to invest in the project as there are numerous options available. Pray that we will be able to setup a proposal and get people to come on board to help us secure a permanent property.

Guy and Marylin are praying and seriously considering moving the family out of the actual base.