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Dear Friends

We are using this opportunity to extend our warm gratitude to God , to Christ United Methodist Church and all those who made it possible for Dr. Marlegrecy N’Ovec (Mercy) to come and be a blessing to the Nation of Saint Lucia, our YWAM Centre and us as a family.

An Encouragement and dynamism that is contagious.

From her arrival at the airport in Saint Lucia on August 15th 2018 we realized that Mercy is not a person like everyone. warm and social, she connect with everyone she meets.

From extending blessings to a by standing boy to connecting with our 7 year old son Asaph and taking him on a piggyback ride, we realize that this is Mercy in A Mission.

We are a pioneering mission base so with a lot of things going on to help people searching to know more about Him and to make Him know.

We were a little concern at first not to get her too busy because of the notice on her health record; but she took all of us as well as our visiting volunteers by surprise; helping in the kitchen,  doing a bit of  landscaping, always inspiring to draw principles from what she does to edify and encourage everyone during group devotions and meetings: from the parasites entangling our pigeon peas crop to the ripe Julie mangos she help us save from the birds on the tree, Mercy's hands on ability was unmatchable.

We thank God for  the generosity and  availability of all of you who played a role in  making it possible for Mercy to travel for this missions trip to Saint Lucia

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Experiences to share 

Parenting Workshop : about 25 parents and youths including some leaders. show up to learn and share on Parenting Christian Way. What came up from simple observations became a full scale workshop with parents learning and sharing their experiences on raising godly children - Saturday August 25th from 2:00 pm to 6:00pm

Sharing testimonies: and experience with our Discipleship Training School students coming from various denominations

Mercy and prayer

The soup kitchen was an opportunity to share food with homeless in Castries in partnership with the Salvation Army

Prayer Station: we prayed with  numerous persons in need walking up to us to ask for prayer in the main square in Castries.  From parents wanting a good back to school for their kids to young men just wanting to change the direction of their lives to follow Jesus.

At the moment I completed this update, one of the person we met  in Castries came in to collect some of the supplies brought in by Mercy for her six year old .

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Thank you so much for your support!  We are so grateful for your partnership ...