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Youth With A Mission
Saint Lucia

Being involved in YWAM as an individual has helped me in the area of public speaking and provide an avenue where i can discover, use and develop my gifts and talents.
— Nicole Emmanuel

Evangelism, Compassion and Training

We aim to provide an avenue for restoration and reconciliation among people and between us and our creator.

Such is essential for any sustainable fulfillment and development. We cannot achieve this goals alone, Find out how you can help.

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YWAM Trainings

In general YWAM’s training aim to equip christians to serve others in everything from agriculture to linguistics, or from drug rehabilitation to cross-cultural ministry. YWAM Saint Lucia also offer among other part time courses to extend a taste of  the YWAM rich training content to persons not ready to hop in the regular full time live in YWAM courses as yet. YWAM ST. Lucia also offer the  YWAM’s foundational full time course, which serves as prerequisite for all other YWAM full time schools: the Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS). YWAM courses, often called “schools” combine theory with practical application. Most YWAM courses can be combined into degree programs through YWAM’s University of the Nations.

My experience was a wonderful one and I do believe God wanted me there at that particular time. One of my biggest struggles was poor self esteem, poor self confidence, poor self image and not loving me enough for what I look like and who I am. Also the fact that there’s nothing I could do more or less for God to love me. This was dealt with when we did the topic ‘The Father Heart of God’.

Volunteer Short Term

Do you want to contribute some time to serve God? YWAM St. Lucia here in the Caribbean can use your help! Volunteering for YWAM St Lucia could mean giving a few hours a week at our YWAM Base, or spending a a few weeks or a whole year serving communities and People along side us locally or in the region overseas. You can bring a  whole group or Team with you, or come by yourself.

Volunteers play a major role helping us fulfill God calling.

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Some of our Recurring Programs 


Some of Upcoming Trainings


Some Upcoming Mission Adventure


Seminars Workshop & Conferences



Your gifts help us spread the good news of Jesus and care for people in need. We are grateful to God for your help! 
Here’s how to: 

YWAM is a highly decentralized organization; each operating location such as St Lucia is responsible for raising its own support and encouraged to develop new vision and explore new ways to Minister.

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